I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


Close to you. Do you have a grow journal going?


No I haven’t started growing yet. I live with my fiancee and she’s cool with me smoking and growing after her 2 high school daughters are gone. So I’m taking in everything trying to learn and save $ for the best equipment I can get. I might try to set a small auto WW up in the attic.


I know the feeling. You have an establishment you frequent?


Where im at its 200 a zip for good stuff and if you try to charge more people won’t buy it they will just go get it some where else Colorado and Michigan are dumping all the extra green in the kc area.


I agree @ThcinKC but I feel they send the cast offs not flushed, harsh, and hard to burn in my experience.


Yes you are 100% right but it like what i have found out is there’s a big difference between a smoker and a conisour I m like your want your ears going waa waaa and your legs wobbly or a headache or a light buzz that might last a hour.
There’s a reas that brick weed is still around here because people are like yeah it looks pretty but i got a oz of brick weed for 60 and it got me just alot better high a lasted longer with out the b.s.


It’s kinda like drinking natty light or having a nice craft beer.


Not really. Stopped drinking 11 yrs ago. You familiar with Morris


Why smoke crappy weed. That’s what we had to do when we were young bucks and buckettes.
I remember wishing for seedless weed now I wish I could find a hidden treasure. I’m tearing all my sour diesel buds apart looking for a seed. Lol


Learn how to clone… :wink:



@peachfuzz First thing I have to do is grow a plant. Lol as you can tell I’m new smoked a lot of weed but I’ve never grown any seriously. I do plan on getting into soil indoor tent Quantum board LED 6in filtration carbon filter the whole works so I’m saving up getting as much information as I can. Is cloning difficult. I have the itch to grow I want to know as much as I can about everything


I will tag you to my thread… scroll to the very top and you will see my transition from soil to hydro and get a bunch of good info… :wink:


Thanks @peachfuzz I’ve read some of your post you seem quite experienced in the art of growing.
I’m interested in reading your post/journals thx for the tag.


Yup. Hop, skip, and jump down 80.


Amazing small world. Are there any good garden supply stores in the area? Or is my best bet online purchases?


Depends on what you mean by good. Probably won’t be cheaper than online. But there’s a brew & grow in Bolingbrook. They have just about everything as far as nutes go, and decent selection of everything else. Definitely enough that you could walk in with nothing and walk out with a functioning grow. But I would consider them a better source for when you need something in a pinch, bulky items that shipping is high on, or need to grab a couple bottles of nutes. People there are friendly and know their products fairly well. There is at least 1 guy there that could “help” you usually.

The dude who you knew was in the game closed shop about a year ago and moved to Michigan.


I’ve heard about the place in Bolingbrook and next time I’m up there un gonna stop in and check them out.
I’ve never bought seeds online are there a lot of problems with customs and having packages intercepted?


No. I’ve never had anything seized.


What is the best and easiest way to pay for them? Is the packaging discreet?


Depends on where you order them from. Ilgm seems to have a stash somewhere here within the states. People getting most of their orders within a few business days.

Otherwise anything coming from outside of the country will have to go through port of entry and will be subject to customs inspection. Doesn’t necessarily mean they will search your package, or that they would find anything if they did. But it can and does happen. There are some other domestic seed banks too. Those may be a little more safe to use for some people. I would just say to look around and do your research. In my opinion I’d rather pay a little more for peace of mind.