I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


The constitution solely limits the power of the organic united States of America and delegates the authority to govern into three distinct and separate branches of government.
Thats it. Your rights were there before any gubermint scribbled stuff down on paper in a remote jurisdiction. I’ll get off my soap box now…


I completely understand your handle name!


i know so much insider information regarding the corruption and criminality of the commercial banking industry it would make your head spin. And these crimes are all whitewashed over every day. we complain about the unfair cannabis legislation its nothing compared to the 14 quadtrillion dollar lien that was placed on the citizens of north america by the NAWAPA. Thats right the water rights to Canada and USA was liened in 2011 with all living men with feet and hands as collateral to the foreign banksters who keep buying treasuries with the politrickens perfectly happy to keep borrowing into eternity with US on the hook for the debt. kick that can down the road to next administration…


But you are up against a force that is very bent on staying in control…
The only chance we have and even this is a slim chance , is if something really bad happens and wipes away 96% of the population… life will stay the way it is… the thing that scares me , is that the last 3% could be the $hit of the earth… :wink:
Are discussion could get very dark from this point and we are just here to help one another be successful at cultivating…
I’ve know that I was a slave to society a long time ago… what do you do… we are in a game of chess… and have no idea what peice we are…
Good luck and best wishes to someone that wants me to succeed , just as much as I want them to succeed… not really sure why that’s a bad thing these days… :v:



i hear you I hope for all upright, hardworking and honorable men/women to be successful in life and business. We are more than mere material, we are spiritual beings who are involved in this thing called life but the game has been rigged against us. I try to bring verifiable facts and knowledge to help all those kindred spirits who thirst for truth and rights.


Everything you said and posted is true… @hangthebanksters
I just wish i had a solution to the problem…
We will live each day together in a different point of time and space… but still some how we are still connected… go figure… :v:
Sorry @ThcinKC didn’t mean to let things get off the rails… we could have a moderator clean this up… but I kinda feel like it fits here… lots of crazy info… :wink:


I actually do have a remedy. This is a complex issue but it goes back to history. the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 created trusts for British sailors who were working for the East India trading company. If they were lost at sea, the king would place their estates into trusts waiting for 7 years for the sailor to return and claim his estate. This is just a breadcrumb but basically the gubermint has claimed us all lost at sea dead unless you show up to claim your estate. What is your estate? watch the video I posted above to give you an idea of how your future energy potential has been monetized, securitized and traded on the bond market. I can prove all this by looking up your CUSIP number. This is how the power structure keeps us all in bondage.
Never-the-less this estate which is based on your EIN can be claimed through a process called redemption. This will also return you to the land as an American National based on your state citizenship so that your natural rights are in tact (constititional rights).


I know all about this epically when the silver brothers in the late 70s cornered the market and made their silver more backed than the dollar they got sent to prison. I did 70 months in federal prison for weed that was a misdemeanor in a state case with no evidence just hearsay.


yes the Hunt brothers were smacked down for Anti-trust bullshit but JP Morgan has bought more silver (for the US inc) than the Hunt brothers could possibly ever think possible. as the late great George Carlin said its a big club and we aint in it. The truth is that the gubermint confiscated all the lawful money (gold and silver) in 1933 during the Emergency Banking relief act of 1933. HJR 192 gave us the remedy through discharge of debt as there would no longer be a constitutionally lawful means to repay debt. Now there is no money in the sense of money of account true substance. Hence the double accrual account system that was hijacked from fast eddie o hare of the Big Gambino fame. yes thats right the gubermint is using the accounting methods learned from gangsters. For what its worth…


Damn. Mind blown. I’m gonna go read about weed now. Lol


He is a POS scumball. I live here and can’t wait to leave recreational or not.


Blagovich is probably already processing out. Rauner isn’t the answer but he didn’t have much to work with. We are fucked. You live in southern or Chicago.


West of Joliet


I live by STL. All dem all the time.


I’m an hr 20 mins from Michigan but they won’t be up and running till early 2020


Well I’m gonna milk the black market wave until it dies.


I watched a bit of the video. Guy says birth certs have that American Bank Note saying on it. Neither mine, my ol ladies, or any of our kids have it on there… ones from California, 2 from Florida, and 2 from Texas. None of them say it.


states issue the certificates differently. Does not disprove that these are monetary instruments. I can actually look up the current value of these CLO’s on Fidelity. lol


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Where you from @dbrn32