I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


The market is saturated there… I have a friend in cali that had huge harvests for 2 years in a greenhouse and now hes sitting on a couple hundred pounds and nobody to buy it… hes looking for work and his family is starving…
This business is a feist or famane kind of deal…
If I had 5 million in the bank… the last thing I would be looking at is starting a Mj business …
Just me tho… :wink:




Yea I’ve read that their black market has never been bigger.


Couldn’t agree more.

Yet still seems to be around $300 a zip in prohibition states.


Wow there goes any chance of a mom and pop type set up. Oh well just another kick in the balls just keep on keepin on. Oh and supply my own.


yes its saturated in the country out here in Cali but the cities are still where the demand is. Basically the price depreciation is due to heavy supply. Lowest i’ve seen is $400/lb for good weed at 10 unit batches but that was a one off. Most are finding $700-$900 /lb depending on quality.


More reason to just hold my course.


My friend is lucky to get 75 bucks an oz if hes lucky… sad part is the bud is top shelf and still no buyer’s… to many people with there own buds… I donate to him every now and then just because I like to have veriaty , but his sales are not as planed… :wink:



That’s just for cultivation too. I think to run dispensary application fee and annual fee is a little lower. But I think you need a little more in liquid assets. And it’s currently medical only state, which requires a firearm owners card, and that card must be surrendered to go medical should you have one. How’s that for some shit?


yes also the extract market is taking 60% too so there is half the buyers for flowers that there used to be…


Think Walmart will sell weed?


Ya we have to have a 3rd party 24/7 armed security… no if and or butts… :wink:



Yea that’s screwed up for sure but hell even if you visited a dispensary lately and swiped your ID your probably not getting a gun in just about any state. Now I can have 3 scripts for Xanax, hydrocodone, or any other narc and your absolutely golden but buy a sack and nope you’re denied!


someone please explain how a substantial right such as right to bear arms can be suspended? Only if you waive your rights. It is a crime for any public official to make a right illegal or deprive a citizen of their rights. If you dont exercise your rights then you have none. Dont even get me started on the coup d etat the BAR attorneys managed to usurp the Organic Republic.


I’m sure. If I had the sack I’d gladly buy a few pounds from him. Still gold here.


Exactly. That’s what they want anyway. Never mind the need for card in first place.


ANYTHING that is regis-tered, YOU through your birth certificate, your car, home, gun, business license, fishing license, drivers license etc is basically making the state the holder of due course of that asset and you are the tenet. Its called usufruct. Check your land title, warranty deed it will list you as tenet. This basically means that everything is illegal unless its licensed. 100 yrs ago you didnt need a license to sell lemonade on the corner, fishing, hunting, driving, etc are now illegal. This all goes back to the laws created around the landed gentry of europe wanting to be able to carry down land to their posterity which only the king (regis) could do so they lent their resources for the kings military conquests in exchange for usufruct and booty. See letters of mark and reprisals… sorry for the history lesson but htis subject is fascinating. See also title 28 USC 3000 which proves the UNITED STATES is a municipal corporation. Dun and Bradstreet also lists every franchise of said corporation. This will include your STATE of _____, your city of ______. these are all registered at the DTCC, SEC, CFTC. The constitution does not apply to 14A US citizens.


I’ll give anyone on this forum major props if they can articulate what a natural right IS…


Is there such a thing…:thinking:
I would say breathing , but I’m not even sure they want me to do that… :thinking:


the power structure wants to keep you in place. on the hampster wheel generating taxes and currency through the signing of credit applications. ignorant useful idiots that do not know the modern money mechanics and fractional reserve banking double accrual accounting methods.


Last time I checked growing and smoking cannabis does not harm another sentient being therefore is a natural right.

it is not given to you by any gubermint. these rights are observable in nature and are un-alienable. therefore the constitution doesnt give you rights, the law doesnt give you rights, you HAVE rights if you can articulate them and exercise them.