I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


Yeah, my grownroom locks. I’m guessing that’s ok.


What about vegging plants, if cops see them, will they even know the difference? Will they care?


Yes more questions only flowering plants have to be secured or all plants need to be secured. This is what happens when govt is involved unfortunately.


I just see people getting searched and cops seeing any plant and killing it.


I have a farm in ks to so maybe they will do a better job than mo lol :joy::joy::joy::joy::fearful:


Well hopefully,but they’ll be one of the last to conform in my opinion. Just legalized selling alcohol on sundays within last 5-10 years and only because Mo was taking the $$. But then again that might push them as well. Your incoming Gov is on record saying she’d like to see it legal.


yes hence the problem with legalization gov corruption ala crony capitalism. We would be much better off as a nation to de-criminalize it.


Are you going to provide what type of criteria you’re looking for all the new services? Seems would be unfair to any applicant to blindly submit $10,000 or $6,000 for a prefiled app fee not knowing what it is that will be considered.
Their response;
The criteria will not be available until the rules are finalized. The pre-filing fee option is up to the individual and written as part of the amendment.

Thank you


Ha ha ha… that’s the conundrum… that kind of info won’t be given out… send them 10k and hope you get picked… lol
They did the same thing here and we still don’t know how many people applied for a permit and that was 4 years ago… 10k and maybe you get a permit… lol
Also you had to have a million bucks in your account for 1 year to even be eligible to apply for a permit… if bank account fell under 1 million, then you were disqualified… :wink:
I don’t need to own a despensirey or a store front… I just want to be able to supply my own needs and maybe a few people that I know that really need the medicine , without any government involvement… no harm no foul… just leave me alone and let me do my thing… I shouldn’t even have to pay the government a tax every year to supply myself with medicine that they have nothing to do with… there not sending me free nutrients and bulbs , but they charge me 350 dollars a year for what… pretty much organized crime if you ask me… :wink:
In the end , nobody is looking out for you or your best interests… it’s all about the money and power… it’s really sad…


That is becoming more and more evident. Everyday… send $10,000 to see if you’re one of the lucky 61in the entire state? Man the old saying take money to make money rings truest in this situation. And like @ThcinKC said the people ending up with these likely will not know anything about the :seedling: ! Take one step forward and 10,000 backwards.


That’s exactly what happened in my area… the guy that got the permit don’t even smoke mj… hes only had 1 edible 1 time , so he says… he has four 40,000 square foot facilities and they are all shit… plants are sprayed with bug fighting and mold fighting chemicals 2 weeks before harvest and washed and sprayed again… it’s very very sad… mind you this is supposed to be for medical purposes… these people in my area dont have a clue as to what there ingesting… and or local government dont ask one question or even look into his facilities as long as he pays his taxes… it’s really crazy… :wink:

So just from what I’ve seen in my area , I can say for sure that you guys will take it right in the a$$ also… no way around it… it’s just a matter of how bad… :wink:



your state doesnt have any quality control/ quality assurance/ testing regulations?


Nope… nobody monitors anything as far as product is concerned… they just monitore how much product is produced and that all taxes are paid… that’s it… crazy right… :wink:
There just selling poison… its sick and ridiculous… I cant even explaine what I’ve seen… I set up the security and a few other things… I’ve been in each facility and my jaw hits the floor… you have no idea and I dont have the time to explain… it’s just wrong and sad… :wink:


Those fees are cheap compared to where I’m at.


Was that focused towards me… ? @dbrn32


Yea I’ve heard west coast is crazy not sure where you are though. But still seems for a middle class I was thinking 40-50 start up but by time you add equipment, property, insurance, security, hvac it’s a bit much for me to blindly toss them $10,000 with the limited capacity for the entire state. But I’ve have heard worse for sure.


Do they really think only that many permits for growing will meet demand??


I’m sure it’s like anything, people will be like “hell yes I can grow my own weed!” Then 6 months later when they have about 5 grams or a shriveled up plant the craze will be over.


Yea not that I look or anything :eyes: but on Craig’s list in Denver you can buy a complete set up for $200-300 for everything.


No, sorry. @ThcinKC