I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


121 permits for growing
95 dispensaries
95 edibles


Looks like I’ll just keep doing my thing like I am. What a joke. They are taking something organic and good and just going to stomp it right into the ground. I don’t know why I’m surprised by all this. Just the rich getting even richer.


How many people have applied would be the most important question… :wink:



None yet the application are not open to file till January or beginning of February

Then they say that the stipulation for doctors to write a script will be stringent and already Dr.s are saying i don’t even want to mess with it and that is your customer base if you have a dispensarie. But at the same time a patient can grow 6 plants to. So make me wonder if corporate and back door hand jobs given to keep me out and corner the market for now and recreational use. Just so frustrating


They pulled the same crap here…:angry::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
They won’t give you that info because they want to f#ck as many people as possible and if they told you how many people that already got f#ck then you might be less likely to apply yourself… they dont want to do that… they will make their money way before anything gets off of the ground… have you looked into the electricity deposits as well… they are shoving it into every possible hole that they can… :wink:



Omg electrical deposits what is that


Depending on the size of you grow facilities , you are required to pay a deposit on the low side 50k up front before one plant hits dirt and could cost up to 500k… at least that’s how it is in my area… :wink:
Electricity is pretty pricey here… just something else for you to look into…
Also in my area we have to have 3rd party 24/7 armed security in all facilities before one plant ever hits the dirt…
Also in my area you would have had at least 1 million dollars in your bank account for one year before you can even apply for a permit… at no point in that year can your bank account fall under a million bucks…
Total bs my friend…
You basically have to have at least 5 million in your hands before you even start to entertain the idea…


Holly crap @peachfuzz i hope they don’t do that here this is just the basics and they have not even wrote the fine print yet.


June 4 is the finalized rules and regulations will be ready for the application process


What a joke. Government at its best.


Ya , it’s so f#cken stupid… my area is still only medical… we are allowed 12 plants per patient and up to 4 patients per household… the catch?
It costs 350 bucks a year per patient and you have to live 25 miles away from any government dispensaries or grow facilities… needles to say , I live in the middle of nowhere… it’s just a good thing that I like to live in the middle of nowhere… :grin:



I need to correct my number found the new official numbers
61 liscense to grow and cultivate
192 dispensaries
82 infused marijuana vape and edibles


i wonder if you can research the applications to see how large the prospective plots are?


a mere 37 acres of cannabis production. Looks like a whole lot of capital investment needed to make a large facility happen.


I have the land and machinery and buildings already it’s the fact that this is set up for corporate and having application fees so high and telling you that there’s 61 liscense to grow but won’t tell you how many have been given out
Which makes it a big risk and no reward. I got money but you time starts as soon as you are accepted so if you got it you will give 35k just for a permit to grow then it won’t be able to be sold till the end of next summer and your first payment of 25k is due before then. It’s really set up for corporate and takes all the middle class and mom and pop style out of it. I’m sure there’s going to be more challenging fine print coming when they finalized the rules and stipulation that is just seems like they pulled the rug out from under you while dangling a carrot infront of you. Some of these people at the meeting about this are in a shell companie funded by the tobacco industry how are you even going to get a fair shake when you can already see a couple places having big green house built it’s they already got it in the bag and the application are not even open yet.


I think it’s pretty screwed up they don’t even mention any criteria of what they’ll consider in process. Asking people to blindly put up $10,000 or $6,000 not knowing what they are looking for. Such as criminal record or agricultural degrees and so forth making this look like a money grab. Making it almost impossible for someone like you and I to start up for less than $250,00-$300,00.


They are eliminating any possibility for normal people to grow and make money. And in the process, missing out on some quality product.


They are gaming the system and i agree with both of you and this is very blantet to have a system that the rich get richer and every one else gets put out. I’m hopeful that the finalized rules and and regulations on January 5 will be better but i now think that too many back door hand jobs with the political process has already screwed the pooch before it even gets started.


And then the whole spin of how the revenue will fix roads and help schools. Yeah we drank that koolaid in IL with the whole casino BS.


The only thing that helps to keep them honest is the home cultivation portion of this. Although that’s very vague as well 6 flowering plants in a secured facility? So my cabinet locks is that good enough? All this is very vague and confusing. I’ve sent a few emails asking questions to Mo dept of health I’ll let you know if they respond.