I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


I’ve seen some use food grade buckets on here but not sure if were already cured and just stored. Maybe could be a whole room and to burp you’d just open doors?


Im checking out walk in freezer and refrigerator how they seal up and trying to figure out to apply that with out all the extra cost of the unit.
Then i was looking at welding up boxes and putting ball valves on them to hook up a vacuum pump to suck it down. I have a couple 5 gallon buckets with a food storage lid they don’t cure like the mason jars there might be a trick to it that i don’t know about i have only tried it twice


you go dude ill be watching also. good luck. your doing my dream.


first and foremost you will need a strain that performs well locally. It could ruin you to invest in acres of seed, fertilizer, labor and water and find out that the crop is not copasetic to your microclimate and lose it to bud rot/ pests/ etc. This is where indoor is sometimes more desirable as you have much more control over those factors. Either way I would make a plan to slowly build up to the total acres with successive grows. Strength to strength.


btw 50 units are not all that much. You can do that indoor in a 4 bedroom house.


I’ve seen some pretty impressive greenhouses that utilize passive heating and cooling for large scale ag projects that would address a lot of the issues with mid west growing climates. You could control pests, climate and security better in a GH. Yes would take a larger initial investment but you could scale up as necessary. Also you would have a virtual year round growing season.


I have stuff that will work very well for this climate all ready. 50 acers to play with and i have a 60 x120 outbuilding but i can get alot of stuff covered but having a good cure room to do 50lb to 500lb to cure for 2 or 3 months is a whole new ball game that why im asking how it’s done and done right so I can put a plan together


Thanks for posting that. Temp regulation is my biggest problem in the greenhouse. Good video!


What containers do you use with a big harvest i have seen so many variables when it comes to doing this because your not going to have 500 mason jars burping. And alot of thing’s i see on the internet im not so sure about


I have stored it in 5 gal. buckets also works well.


yup large plastic bins with sealable lids or 5 gal bucket (food grade preferred) to store product. Proper Curing is going to be critical to keep the product from going south. Easier said then done with so much volume.


lot of work no matter what way you go


I spent just about 3 years in the emerald triangle growing 2000 + plants each year… I have learned alot about huge operations in that time… we were only a crue of 5 and were able to manage everything… alot of work tho… your best bet for curing would be 9’ tall shipping containers… that’s what we used… easy to lock up , ventilate … you basically set it up with a couple of extraction fans at one end and freash air intakes at the other , with filters and a bunch of humidity detectors from front to back with the meter readers on the out side of the container in respect to where they are placed at in the container and a switch or a main humidity checker that will automatically turn on and off on the out side of container that you can turn on and off without opening the door… and no fans inside the container… your just using the extractors as your burbing method… hope that makes sense… :wink:



That is very cool thanks for the information gotta lot of learning to do for a bigger operation and i appreciate all the information i can get


Any time my friend… lots of other tricks and cheap ways to get things done… :wink: like a cost affective way for bug control for 2000+ plants… if I can find the time to answer your questions… I forsure will… it just might take a minute for me to respond… I’m limited on how much time I can spend here … do to life and such… :wink:



Semi trailers are good candidates as well. Shipping containers are stronger though.


O.k. just saw the update on the law to grow its a 10000 dollar non refundable apllication fee and 25k after that annually with a 30k square feet canopy indoor and outdoor 2800 plants
6000 fee for dispensaries and 10k annually
6000 fee for edibles or marijuana infused products and 10k annually
Wow i mean they really wrote this for rich people who have no clue about any of this i don’t know if i can swing it a 10k fee and no guarantees for liscense and u don’t get your money back if you don’t get approved. This puts a new perspective on my original ideas i will be doing alot more research i don’t want to give 10k to the state and have them say fuck you come again any time.


Oh yeah! I figured this would all be geared towards big biz and personal interests. Just wait until Illinois rolls out there recreational plan. I’m sure it will be the biggest fuck job on earth. The governor here already has invested in the industry.


This is why there will always be a secondary market for the product. On top of it all, the dispensaries tell you what they will pay for your product and that’s nowhere near what it should be.


That’s why they wont tell you how many permits are up for grabs and how many people that have applied… :wink: