I have a question about big harvest like 50lb and better


The laws have changed where i live and i am trying to get a better guess or estimate for what it would take to set up a good cure room i have seen people buy old walk in freezers and refrigerators and convert them and seen a room that could be sealed with 4 vaccum pumps. But Im not afraid to admit that i don’t know everything. So I’m asking for your input i can set aside 40 to 50 acers for a outdoor grow and have a 80x60 shop and look at a 4 story whare house with the bottom one being a dispensarie so im trying to come up with a good plan to catch all the little details because those are the things that end up killing you in the end. Thanks for your ideas and input .


I’m watching this one!


Go back to the people who already have this going on. big diff tween a 5 plant grow and a 500 plant grow. Now…you gonna find out why farmers are tired n worn out. Not as easy as most think…lol.
You may find WW to be the choice of many big grows. Why? Ease of grow, good production and good product sales. Probably will find most larger grows stage the planting to have harvest supply. UNLESS…your growing season is short and you are all outdoors.

Most will be glad to share tips, hints, suggestions and things to watch out for.

Please keep us posted.


It is an operation and usually 24x7 (acre grows)…


Security is going to be something to consider… I would layer security controls and have redundancy built into the security plan.


Yes…something good will attract the unethical to steal.


How many jobs would you create? Seems like a huge undertaking for one. I agree with @Poseidon on security. We have a few hemp farmers around here that had to fight off thieves even though it was clearly marked hemp. I’m sure there was some serious headache weed being sold to unsuspecting customers. I’m set to watching. It’s legal in my state but the recreational market is a couple years away. I would love to grow for a living.


Same here it is probably going to be 2019 before everything is smooth out on the laws and everything. I’ve got alot of thing’s covered and yes security is a big thought to. And i have a friend in Colorado but it’s all indoor and he has a 20000sqft space just for curing and drying. The land where I’m at is super fertile. I can’t look at what California is doing because my soil is better and i have to deal with wind and hail and tornadoes. I thought this would be a good discussion and bring out some good information for the people in the Midwest smack in the middle of the corn and wheat belt. I Have grown a couple outside plants that were 18ft tall and got 7 or 8 pounds off of them. But turning that into a 50 acer grow hidden in a 500 acer farm and doing it right is a whole new ball game for me.


I’ll be more than happy to man a machine gun nest for security.


Plus looking at my seed strain collection i think i could kill it variety wise


I forgot to add white widow and gold leaf to that


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@ThcinKC how would you battle long periods of high heat temps and the high humidity of these parts for outdoors? Your seed list is :eyes::flushed: I can only hope one day. Good luck I’m set to watching!


Well certain strains will do better than others for out here. One of the thing that makes me tap my head is how to defend against hail. Most marijuana strain love heat. But it will be alot of trial and error to se what works best and then start breeding and cross breeding to make it more tolerant. Solar power fan’s and trimming and steakin with fence post to spread out the branches and have 2 1/2 foot clearance from the soil to the first branch. Use 1 inch pvc pipe with 1/4 inch holes drilled into it and about 3ft long and buried at a 40 or 30 degrees angle with each plant to feed and water. I still don’t know what to do when time come for curing it would be crazy to have 500 mason jars hell let alone trimming it all nice and efficient.


I just saw a lot of bud rot on here from outdoors. But sounds like you’ve grown some monsters outdoors. I like the pvc in ground approach as well as the fans but looking at your indoor stuff and how dense they are that could big issue even with the fans?