I have a problem with my order need help with customer support

This is my first time posting here and I wanted ask someone if they are having problems with there order history disappearing from their store accounts after the store went down i was waiting for payment confirmation email and now the store website says i haven’t placed a order and I’m starting to worry about losing my money .I’ve tried to email customer support and they have not responded.

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I believe @ILGM.Stacy will be able to help you here. I know they had a change in payment systems. Where no longer use Shopify. I would not worry, ILGM is a great site with the absolute BEST customer service hands down.

Things will get taken care of and welcome to the community!


Thank you .this is my first order from them and it scares me that my order just disappeared when the website came back up Sunday .I paid with bill pay and don’t even know if they if they have my payment.

Hi there,

I understand your worries but everything is fine. Your order is in our system and will be processed.

Our store developers are still working very hard to make sure everything in the store is accessible again, unfortunately looking up your order status isn’t possible just yet. But it will be shortly!

If you have any questions about your order or payment, please contact or support team at support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com


Thank you Stacy I feel better about it now

Sorry for intruding into the thread but I’ve also encountered the same problem that’s also got me a little worried, payment was confirmed yesterday but in the order history there is nothing, can you look into it for me please Stacy? Muchly appreciated

I was worried too but I received my order about a week after they received my payment .

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Good afternoon, just joined support forum. Ordered seeds about 10 days ago, paid by bank transfer which has been acknowledged nearly 7 days ago, asked for update but no reply.
Details. value
$314.16 from memory. Could I have a progress on this order please.
Ron Cahill

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I’ve replied in your own thread. :slight_smile:

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I did this yesterday also I supolied the receipt no that was sent to me last week.
If you have no record of mt order, that is strange, as you sent a message to me that you were awaiting payment which I provided.