I have a new Hydroponics system, I need to know what to do


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a new Hydroponics system , it has a large volume container with 4 pots for I am able to do
anything you can ask me to.
I bought a Virtual sun Grow room that measures 8x4x8 , I also bought a G8-240 Veg/Flower combination
Grow Lamp it is a combination Veg/Flower .
I need to know what to do, as I already germinated many seeds, I had very good luck as 12 out of 15 germinate I have
planted in soil and 4 planted in Rock Wool in my hydroponic system


There is a free grow book download on this site. very good information.


More info on what kind of hydroponics system and nutrients used.
You’ll need more light the g8-240 will fill a 3x2 tent your 8x4x8 is big, great light you just need more. “ILGM plants grow very well you’ll need a big tent for that many plants”
Going to need a PH and PPM meter. What kind of water are you using?


agreed. i would hesitate to put more than 8 plants in a 32 sqft area. one plant can easily take up 4 sqft. if your light can cover 6sqft of canopy then you should plan at least 3-4 more lights


It all depends on if you want a couple of large plants, are several small plants. I have 2 plants that take up a 32sqft space with 2 1000w my/HPS lights. You could have several plants in the same area, they would just be a lot smaller.