I have a lighting question

I have a 36x36x64 tent. Last time I grew an auto, I used 300w LED. Everything went great. This time, I switched to 600w. Is the lighting too strong for this size tent?

All info appreciated.

Shouldn’t be too strong.

What brand and model is it? And what’s the brand/model of the 300W?


Is there such a thing as too strong?
I believe that it was actual heat (infrared light) that causes the problems of burning. An LED light shouldn’t throw a lot of heat.

If it’s a low efficacy panel/cmh/hps light you’ll need ±450 actual watts at the wall for that space. A high efficacy light would be ±280 actual watts.

Keep in mind most blurple led manufacturers misrepresent their lights. Plenty of those panels are marketed at 600w, but only draw 180w.

If you post a link to the specific light(s) in question, we can advise.


BLOOMSPECT 600W LED Grow Light: Full Spectrum for Indoor Hydroponics Greenhouse Plants Veg and Bloom (60pcs 10W LEDs) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MJ5MS81/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_o6JxFbVFFHAHA

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You should probably run both lights.