I have a grow bag/root ball size question

I’m starting a 4x4 indoor tent grow. First time. I’m planning to fill the space by scroging 6 plants. Going with mother earth coco+perlite soil mixture. What size should i expect the root ball to become. My local hydroponics store grower advised me on the soil. He also advised 3gal grow bags… I also have 7gal. Which should I go with?

@FreeMunny are these Auto’s , because I have 4 girls in my tent in 7gal grow bags and there isn’t any space. My next grow is going to be 6 indica in 5gal pots . I think I’m going to name the grow journal Balls to the Walls. With your limited grow space you have to limit your Veg time .Because realistically 2-3 plants is what a 4x4 is for. Oh I forgot the smaller the pots the more you have to water .I would go with 5gal, but that is just me.


No. Photoperiod white widow

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I would definitely go with the seven between those choices. Like kool said you don’t need six of em in there to fill it. You could easily do it with four or less. I went with seven plants in a 4x4 on my first grow I’m cutting back to four next round.

What if I’m doing autoflowers? Still 4?

wise grower plants more than expected to harvest. why? accidents, poor growth…think spare tire. Cull out the weakest. Have a healthy harvest.

Kinda depends on the auto genetics in my 3x3 I could fit 5-6 small autos but struggle with 2-3 large girls First grow: z skittlez autos in a 4x4 grew 12 in his in 3 gal pots but he knew he was going to make mistake ,and he did and his girls are about 1/2 the size they could/should be