I have a gold leaf outdoor wont flower

I started this gold leaf indoor than moved out. Its gotten almost 6 ft. Looks great. But it has not begun to flower its been well over 2 months in veg. Do I just let it run its course. I included a pic of its neighbor witch is the same age but is a autoflower.

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If it’s photo period plant than it won’t start flowering until the daylight hours are closer to 13 hours a day.
Here is my current daylight at just under 14 hours where I live.
Yours may be different.

Looks like you might want to feed them


Looks like she’s just about to flower.
Some strains begin a little later than others.

She does look N hungry.

What should I feed her I have fox farm nutes

Photoperiod plants just starting to flower for most parts of the country. Be patient