I have a few questions



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

  1. Is it a good idea to mix your potting soil with bonemeal before transplanting?( see pic attached)
  2. Can you also tell me if seagri organic plant food is a good general fertiliser, and can I give it when plant is flowering?(see pic attached)


Welcome to the forum, As far as your fertilizer goes , no I would not use it for flower unless its the only thing you have. The NPK on this stuff is 16-16-16 you would have to much nitrogen in the mix for flowering.You should mix bone meal in your soil. Be careful with adding amendments to the soil and then adding fertilizer on top of it. you could get some nutrient burn.
You should join the forum. Lots of good folks ready to help when u need it


Pre-fertilizing is NOT a good idea for a newbie. Best to use non-fertilized media and adjust nutes as your grow progresses.

Once you have more experience and further advice from the helpful members here, you will learn what can and cannot be done with fertilized media.


Yes that’s fine do what you want and add some work castings on top layer keep your grow organic and reep the rewards


I ammend my soil with bonemeal, as well as dolomite lime and perlite.