I have a few gnats in my indoor magic garden

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a few gnats in my indoor magic garden. I purchased food-grade diatomaceous earth and sticky traps. Will that get them all out? Do you recommend anything else?

Soil nates come from your pot and normally is a sign that your over watering :wink:
I recommend you allow pot to dry out more in between waterings soil should be dry at least two inches from top before watering again
The stick traps and de will help
A small fan blowing across the top of your pots will also help prevent the nates from laying more eggs

Join us here so we can assist as need
Hope this info helps
Happy growing :v:CB

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Thank you for that. She seems to be Kant free now (no knats on sticky card) but she still looks a little sick. I may have been overwatering too much. The leaves are looking a little droopy and feel dry. Any tips? My PH is about 6.5 and I’m using fox farms soil. No nutrients yet but I have some available. Led lights 2 600w and fan is blowing. I’m doing 24 hour lights. Temp is between 73-78 degrees with humidity being around 48-55% Any thoughts? Thank you!! Here’s a picture