I have a crazy run away limb

Friends. My auto plant has a limb, the second from the bottom to be exact, has stretched to almost the same height as the cola stalk. No problem here that I know of but is this sort-of thing common? Actually that one side of the plant has longer limbs but this one is wild. I want to ignore it as good thing but could it cause damage to the main cola? I wouldn’t think so but I really just do not know. Thanks.

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No picture? You know we need pics. :slight_smile:


No I didn’t know that love. She is asleep now and I do not want to wake her. Ill get one tomorrow during playtime. She is doing great but has a large secondary limb. I wish they were all that big honestly.

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I’m thinking just a garden variety weed plant. It is weed.

That is really strange.

She is stretching like crazy and maybe it trying to set the standard.

Still just have two colas. What’s not to love?

If she’s stretching that much, maybe you should lower the light a few inches.

Maybe. We will work on this tomorrow. Thanks honey.

Sometimes when you remove a fan leaf it will force out that branch. Not sure if that’s what happened to you, but it’s not uncommon for branches to shoot out.

She’s right though, pictures are worth a thousand words…

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Ive had the limb grow in diameter and push the leave downwards until it died but I’m not sure if that’s the one. Thanks though and I’ll check it out tomorrow.:+1:

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I’ve set this to watching when you upload
The picture @Happy_Pappy I NEED to see this.

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Hey CG. Im gonna post the pics in my journal. Ill tag you when I get to it.

Some of my limbs stretched like that I have one that’s a side shoot that’s about 12 in taller than the rest