I have a bug problem, please help

Question from a fellow grower:

I have spider mite, thrips and fungus net’s I sprayed them with neem oil that I bought from home depot, I think the company that makes it I called captain jack, neem oil and I sprayed them on the 11th it was on a Sunday night, and today in the morning I saw a red spider mite and I think it’s Is stunning my growth need some good advice… the Infestation is not that big, but I want to prevent this problem before it gets any worse.

Please help


Captain Jacks deadbug is spinosad, so not sure if that is what you have or actually neem oil product. Captain jacks should handle mites, but you’ll probably want bti for gnats. A product like mosquito bits will work, just follow directions. And some sticky traps will cut down on amount of fliers.


I would alternate treatments between Captn’ Jacks Dead Bug, Plant Therapy and Dr, Zymes. Do a few treatments of each (according to instructions) then switch to the next.

Hate hate hate them.