I have a budget of 150$ for a grow light what's the best I can get?

Pay attention to sanitation of your area and what you bring in. Either contaminated clothes or my dog has given me a case of the bugs.
Good luck.
I dig that checkerboard tile.

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I love my bedget light. In a month im going to order another one.

I like my pair of HLG 100 V2 3000k lights.

i have no issues with any of my HID rigs… diff brand but 600w also… i have several diff types of LED’s but i use them to veg and suplimental lighting along with HID’s for flower…

That small light will only cover a 2x2area, really.

Im going to try budget led too. If you diy you could save a pile over hlg. I love my 288s rspec but if these boards compare that’s a steal. Some members on here loving them.

Yea i need a new light asap, this is only a 45 watt light, it was like 28$