I have a budget of 150$ for a grow light what's the best I can get?

Any help is much appreciated

I was considering this one

Better off saving than waste your hard earned money on crappy Chinese lights. Lights is the most important thing to me.

@dbrn32 is the Light Guru. Tag, you’re it.


This right here…


What size of grow tent are you using?

I just ordered im hoping it works well for the price. Ive seen a ton of people using them, if it works out im going to get another. Good luck

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I agree, best investment I know of right now.

I would also like to know what size space @Tayler52 is going to be growing in?

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Im just growing in my bedroom right now, no grow tent or anything but I might build some sort of structure later down the road.

how many plants are you trying to grow?

Oh man. You are going to smel like weed everywhere you go during flowering. At least when I used to do it without a proper exhaust and filter, in my bedroom, everyone told me I smelled like weed. The smell seeps in. I always said, sorry I was just smoking some. No one suspected a grow, but I reeked of it.


Im trying to maintain 2 plants but i have like 6 right now

for 150 bones i would grab a 600w HID rig with bulb combo… alot of the packages come with MH and HPS bulbs … but thats just me


I agree on the 600w hps mh lights they have never let me down


If you go with HID, think about keep the hot air away. It’s not hard, but it is more important than with LEDs.

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Thank you for everyones input I want to make the best investment

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Thoughts on this light ?


@Onelow51 how is that light you posted working for you

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Did you get a light?

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I got this 240 w led for my 3x3 I’m loving it so far.