I have a 6 ft tent with inline fan and filter on top inside

I dont have much room to higher my light. Do I have to re plum the whole thing?


It depends. How much space do you loose because of the light and filter? What the distance your light needs to be above the canopy? What is the height off of the floor of what ever you are growing in?
The difference is what you can allow for the plants. For example:
total tent height 72
less light & fan -18
Less light canopy -18
less grow vehicle -12 (pots - whatever)
= height of plant 24 - you have to train your plants to that height.

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I just moved my fans and filter outside of tent for the same reason.


It’s always a good choice to buy the tallest tent your space will accommodate. Exhaust fan, lights, hangers in top of tent and take into consideration the pot you have what’s left to work with. Just my thoughts good luck