I have 5 beautiful plants not one sign of a bud on any of them. Is this normal

I bought some Chronic White Widow from you back some time ago. Germinated 5 seeds June the 9th. I have 5 beautiful plants not one sign of a bud on any of them. Is this normal.

Auto, Photo, light schedule please.

Glad you found us. Like ^^ he said, need more info. We’ll get you budding on no time :wink:

ILGM only has feminized chronic widow, so you would/will have to change your lighting schedule for them to go into flower. I am just guessing you are doing about 18 hours of light now, drop that to about 12 hours of light and they should switch to flowering…


Exactly what we were all thinking, but I didn’t know they didn’t have that in auto. Could have been a slow-budding auto, but the solution would have been the same :wink:


@Ron330 is right on. If it’s not an auto flower you need to change the light schedule on your own to 12/12. They aren’t going to flower overnight either, give em some time and keep and eye out for any irregularities. And don’t forget to flush. Welcome to the forum there is a lot of knowledge passed around here so please take advantage of it! :+1:


Even then, it’s known that sometimes Autos need you to change to 12/12 to give them a kickstart into flowering, it all depends on the individual plant.


Been on a 16 hour light schedule, I gave the incorrect name of the plant, it’s Chronic Widow fern. Plants are in a controlled environment, 4 x4 x5 grow tent, ac set at 74 degrees, homemade co2.

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I changed it today after seeing all these post. 12 hours now.


Thanks everyone for the help.

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You’re going to love the CW…

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Sorry I left off the 1000 watt led grow light.