I have 20 acres to plant, just need to know what is needed


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have 20 acres to plant, just need to know what is needed


It all depends on how many plants your planning on growing.



To get quality bud out of 20 acres would require a ridiculous amount of time, manpower, and other things. It would be a pretty expensive venture to start up. That is if you’re trying to plant acres at a time.


If your growing in soil not pots you need good seeds,good light and patience and if your going to grow 20 acres a good lawyer


All 20 acres lol :wink: :sunglasses:


Your talking about a huge start up cost, Greenhouse and not just one. Soil, pot, water , Nutrients and much more Not to mention SECURITY !
Where would this be located at ? State that is…



You’re customer is probably trolling.


Agreed, money and sheer man power needed for this scale would be ridiculous.


1 acre equals 4840 sq. yds., a good 12 ft. plant needs 9sq. yds.(optimal) equals 537 plants per acre. Now figure what you want to do to one plant x 537 x 20…HUH?


20 acres would be 871200SQFT… I don’t think many people, if any are growing 20 acres worth of weed. Good weed anyway.