I have 2 purple kush auto plants and they're going to get done at different times, how can I dry the one that finishes 1st

I’m trying to figure out how to dry one plant while the other is still finishing up in the same tent. Any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t see how you could do it the same tent, light and heat is the enemy of slow drying your buds, which is essential. I have seen some folks use closets, armoires, and even those big U-Haul wardrobe boxes made for hanging clothes.

How far apart do you think they are?

Maybe a week or 2. I’d think it’d be to smelly if I dried it somewhere else. I wonder if a cardboard box would work inside the tent ?

It might. But you would need to control the temperature and humidity levels. Target for proper drying is 70° and 50% RH.

Ok ill keep that in mind. Thanks for the help !

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Alternatively, if they are 2 weeks apart, you can harvest one a week early, and one a week late. One might be a little more couch-lock, and one a little more up.

By the way… Nice looking plants. Happy growing!

I use cardboard boxes to dry in all the time.

I cover the front with paper and slide it off to a corner in my grow area.
I use several different sizes but none larger than this one. You could do the same. Load the box up and put it in your tent. Temp may not be the best but…


And you can leave more stems and leaves which will help slow the drying process, by holding more moisture.

Ya I have a large box I’m going to try, ill check the temps and see if it leaks light. If not ill just try and stagger the harvest somehow. Thanks for the replys !

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Thats badass how do you control rh with that set up

For the most part by controlling the rh of the room it is in. I also set a hydrometer in there to monitor the rh inside the box. If it higher than I want I can open it up more or have more air movement.