I have 2 Phlizon 2000w led

Just wondering if I can use both of these in a 3x3x6 ? Does that actually bring my watts up to 400 newbie need help as you can see

Are they the cob light

No they are not @MeEasy

I tried to look up the 2000w and all I found was the cob and it says it is 400w wall draw that’s why I asked. But looked again and the only other 2000 I found says it’s 300w wall draw. If that’s the one you have it would be 600w. but looking at the ppf map you should have no problem in a 3x3 with the two

@MeEasy. Pretty sure it’s 200w out the wall

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Even so it’s fine if you use both probably use three if you have another one


I too use Phlizon lights for my grows. My grow room is 3’x8’ and I am currently raising 6 plants, 5 auto’s and one clone from a previous grow (in veg r/n).

However for 2021 I am increasing grow size to 5 (currently 3). My Phlizon lights according to many here will be inadequate so I have been examining alternative (translated UPGRADING) lighting systems right now. However I am on a limited budget so systems like HLG are out of my financial “league”. Looking at Spiderfarm and a few others. No answers yet; just asking questions.

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Are the 2000w cob lights any good

I don’t have the Cobb I have this model

I have that light,200 out of the wall you need 3 for that size.I upgraded to LED’s and don’t use my burples anymore.

@Weedlover1 what are you running now ??

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I have a combination of HLG and Spider Farmer,two 300rspec a 600 rspec,two Spider Farmer 2000 and some smaller hlg/ spider farmer for supplemental.I run two 4×8 tents simultaneously.

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