I have 1 male plant. Is it too late to save the rest of the plants?


A question of a fellow grower:
I have two beautiful large plants. Ii did not realize one was a male and it grew huge but I sitting right n ex tot a female that is starting to flower. As soon as I saw the male flowers killed to plant, but it appears that some of the early flowers on the female got contaminated because the strings on the forming buds were started to get brown. Most of the plant has not flowered yet. Is it too late to save the rest of the plant as those flowers have not grown yet and thus have not been pollinated?


I’m pretty sure once they are pollinated the other buds will slow in growth. I’ll tag in a mj breeding expert @PurpNGold74 This ones right down your alley bro.


IF the male pollen sacks have burst open…it’s seeded all the females in the room.

IF you didn’t see any yellow pollen…the male was not mature enough and there is no problem.


Thanks for the tag broham. Not an expert yet but dink n dabble.

Hey new grower. First I recommend you join the site. Alotta cool people with loads of different experiences all tryna grow great pot.

Now the pistils turning brown doesn’t necessarily mean ur girls are knocked up. Actually thats a natural thing for plants to do as they mature. The more important thing is how soon after seeing the sacks was he killed? Did they look like they had opend? Male weed plants definitely mature faster and if your ladies had brown pistils i figure he had been grown those balls and released on her. Another good way to check is to feel a bud. If its hard n feels like a seed is in there, squish it or break it open. Only need to check a tiny calyx of a bud. Wont hurt her.

Again join us here. Pictures are worth a thousand guesses