I hate discipining my Pit puppy

She ate the kitten food again, so I placed her outside while all other animals ate. Now she has to wait until feeding time tonight. Anyone got a better method of dealing with a puppy stealing kitty food? Poor thing is outside shreaking like a baby; Like Pit bills do. Just like 3 year old toddlers :slight_smile:


Next she will be emptying the litter box for you then want kisses


Can you regulate dog and cat feedings at the same time to where the puppy will be more into eating his/her food while the cat consume they food . Than remove the bowl of cat food from the puppy access once they finish and monitor as much as possible to catch in the act of doing , so when the puppy attempts to eat cat food it can be discipline to learn the difference . This might sound cruel but I breed Stafishire and Jeep bloodline pit bulls for 13 years almost and I learn to used a hand held cattle prod to discipline them , but had to catch them in the act for discipline , cause they are solid built muscular dogs and you cannot hit them hard enough to break they aggressive manor from what they intentions are when determined , so a lil shock with that prod will definitely remind them of what not to do again after once are twice .

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I have two puppies that are terrorizing our 9 year old dog.

the older dog’s brother (from another mother) died recently so we got him, and us, some play partners.
They run circles around him, gobble their food down in seconds and want to eat his food…and he never rushed eating in his life so his food is easy pickens’ for them. We had separated them at meal time but the older dog misses eating with them, it’s a social thing for him I guess. Now I stand guard as he slowly eats in the same room as them. It takes both me and my wife to watch the pups.


we might try one of these dishes to slow the puppies down a bit.

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We got lucky with the cat food dog food thing . The cats trained our dogs to stay out of the cat food when they were just puppies lol . They wont go near the cats food mainly because of my daughters tom cat being 35 lbs and food aggressive even my big dog stays away from Binks .


I keep the cat food on the dryer so the dog won’t get to it. Been working for eleven years. Cats getting older tho may have to make her some steps.


Stomper has the best working idea, IMO. If you can place the cat food up out of reach, but where the cat still has access, that would be the easiest solution.

When you have to correct the puppy, make sure to add an audible cue at the same instant. My preferred sound is a lot like a hard, sharp “at” sound. Eventually, the sound will be enough to stop unwanted behavior.

Some newspaper rolled up and secured with rubber bands works well with puppies for some reason. Being small means you don’t have to use a lot of force to get the point across.

Consistency will be key. If you don’t want certain behaviors later, don’t allow them now. If the dog learns it’s ok now, it will always think it’s ok.

The 3yr old comment is actually right on. Dogs don’t mature much beyond a toddler. I hope you have a smart one there!

Just like with any child, the dog needs discipline. They actually WANT it. It’s hard to knowingly hurt something we care about.

Equate it with supercropping…a little pain and stress now equals a better finished product. :wink:

I’m not a trainer, but my dad was and his information helped a lot.

I love Pits! It kills me that irresponsible owners have led to them having such a bad name. There is no other breed that I would want to have.

Good luck, Brother…

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my baby Isabel :v:


Momma and daughter red brindle mother and blue brindle daughter and my wife photo bombed my picture .


For sure! She is already a shiteating dog. LOL

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Thanks. I might try those just because I find her choking occasionally from inhaling her food.

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I know all these things you all bring up but, with the 'Ol Lady gone, I just cannot seem to get this little Smart ass to fall into line. Maybe it is a balance thing. I know that 2 people can monitor animals and feedings a lot better than 1

Will get some Piks of “Tank” who died last Xmas, and “Pooh Bear” my female Pit puppy from (with an echo, please) Hellllllllll She is a small female red nose Mom, Blue nose Dad; She got the Red nose.


They can actually get what is called bloat from eating to fast it is ( I think ) something like a intestinal blockage that is real bad for them . We have started all ours on the slow bowl till they get past the grow spurt ravenous stage . Also there is a training collar that is out almost like a invisible fence where you can put a sensor by the cat food or litter box garbage or what ever when they get within 6 foot or so it emits a tone at 4 foot a small zap at 2 foot a snap till they back up


the best method I have found for keeping my dogs healthy and food relaxed is free feeding…I always keep the bowl full so they never feel they are going to go hungry… all of my dogs except one have maintained a great weight, lean, and they do not trip when you go to get your drink and leave your plate on the coffee table.
no matter how well they are fed you just cant keep some of them out of the litter box, lol… and cat food,…well…dogs are omnivores, cats are carnivores…for this reason most dog foods have lots of wheat and corn in them, while most decent cat foods are almost 100% meat… it is a difficult temptation to pass up for any dog. we feed the cats when the dogs aint around…on the rare occasion schedules cross and I catch a dog in the cat food,…I shoot them in the ass with an airsoft gun…kinda stings, gets them right out of the cat bowl…and my older dogs don’t even go near the cat bowls anymore.
with dogs, once they know what you don’t want them to do it is just a matter of respect and maturity…near impossible to keep a dog under six months out of shit…usually takes about 2 years before you can fully trust them to stay out of stuff

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this is the reason my dogs stay away from the laundry room. That is where the cat food and litter box is and tucker guards the food bowl like a momma bobcat .

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