I had ordered 15 seeds and they're all dead (10 big bud, 5 Gold Leaf)

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I had ordered 15 seeds from ILGM and they’re all dead (10 big bud, 5 Gold Leaf) :frowning: Some of them did not germinate and the rest of them died after they grew about 1-2 inches. I got the germinating part down. Once they grow little seeds I put them in a 1 gallon Coco medium and water with PH 5.8. No nutrients. The second time around, I did the same thing but this time, I watered with 700-800 PPM nutrients after it grew 1-2 inches. I had them in a dome to make it humid and moist. When I took the dome off for 15 minutes, most of the plants would fall over and die. I use some type of 1000 watt Halide Blue Enhanced Performance Lamps, however, I had it on 500 watt power and NOT directly under it; just a feet to the side of it. Humidity in the room is 50-60. Temperature is 70-81. I water the plants very lightly everyday, just at the base of the plant. And yes, I have read and watched your “how to” video, and many others online. Any advice is greatly appreciated.”

With out pictures
Im just guessing that they where streaching to much which is why they fell over
Where the stems where thin and lanky ?
You dont need 500 watts at that stage either youd be better off investing is a small t5 set up or cfl bulbs even
Youll use less power also
Try supporting them with sticks next time if they fall over
Maybe join the forum as well so we can help guide you through your grow
Happy growing
Best wishes CB


Sound to me like your watering too much, your drenching the roots they can’t breath :+1:try letting the medium dry out for more than a couple days. Good luck hope this helps. Happy growing!

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No they were actually about 1 to 2 inches at most. It never had the chance to grow much.

The only reason im using those lights is because i have clones growing under them. So i just put the seeds on the side but maybe I can put them further away.

Perhaps I can use a Miracle Gro medium instead of the coco?

Ill add some pictures tomorrow.


Miracle Gro is a big no no, I would stay with the coco (I grow in coco/perlite mix & it’s very good), from what these guys have told me Miracle Gro is too “hot” for mj (too much nutrients).

Both of these guys have given you some sweet advice, but without pics or a support ticket they can’t really help much more. Just type in “support ticket” in this sites search bar & copy & paste it with all you relevant details & anything else you feel will help. :+1:t3:

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Welcome to the forum @Axtoro1 could be several things but this is not typical of ILGMs genetics so once we get some pics some of the veteran growers here and some of us newbs will try and help you get on track. Sounds like you have some experience though if you already got clones growing successfully. Happy growing!


Unless your going to use seed starter soil
From mg i would stay away from it
I use promix also you should be feeding them until you have five sets of true leaves
You stated they fell over and died
Most likely they where not dead and stems are weak due to streaching or just thin due to light intensity
Clones are adult plants and have different requirements
Try supporting the stems with sticks mist soil once or twice a day for the firat two weeks with sprouts @Axtoro1
Tag me when you post pictures so this buy adding the @ symbol in front of user name like I did to yours
Oh and welcome to the forum glad you decided to join us


@Growit @Countryboyjvd1971

What Im Understaning I should do is use a much lower intencity light or at least put it far away from it.

My main question I would like answered is…

  1. What kind of water should I use to spray/water the seeds once I have put them in the medium? Just plain water with PH 5.8 or with nutrients of 800ppm? Or both?

  2. Should I keep the top closed so it keeps the seeds in the medium moist and humid? And for how long? Or just keep it open?

I hope I make sense. Thanks for the support guys.

Here are some pictures of a couple different seedlings.

Read my new comment Below

There still looks to be life in that last pic not much, but life non the less. I only water with water, no nutes period, until she has some leaves and the original 2 round leaves yellow and die. Those first 2 leaves feed her for a while. If you replant that last one or build up the soil with a seed raising soil right up her stem until just her leaves are poking out to support her and keep her upright. Then dome her with half a bottle inverted with the top of the bottle cut off and just mist her, I’d say she’ll pull thru. How far is your light from them? Could you perhaps hide her a little underneath the canopy of your clones, depending on their size, so the light isn’t so intense. I’ve germed 2 ilgm goldleaf and they are both kicking arse atm. Outdoor but kicking arse. :wink:

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Also in that first pic, is that the seed shell stuck to the top of the sprout? If that happens and hasnt freed herself in a day or so. I very gently remove it with tweezers . very Very gently :wink:

Im with @Powaforce the last picture looks like you can save it
You should be misting you soil at ph 6.3-6.8 unless your using coco as a medium
Not nutrients until you get fuve sets of true leaves
Also try starting them in solo cups or starter pots
It easier to control moisture this way
As far as some is concerned you should keep them under it forbthe first two weeks or so min
The stems where streaching yo reach tbw light you nees ro gwy light closer and use a smallee fixtures for propagation


Top 2 pics does look like dampening off though I’m surprised she came out of it

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On number three I would also throw a couple more handfuls of dirt around her trunk this will help suport her and make for a good tap root.
Keep workin at it you will get there.
I am on my very first grow and I had challenges but it is cool to see something all the way from seed to sack man nothin like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. Ill add some more soil for support. More seeds are on the way so we’ll see what I can make of those.

Right now theyre a bit far from the light but still get something. I felt anywhere close to it was really harsh for the seedlings. Strong lights at 500watts lol so Im trying to keep it away.

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I am using coco medium. So what PH should I use? But on my next one Im going to also try the ‘miracle gro seed starter’ and see how that works.

Yes I will use solo cups next time for sure.

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I will thanks. As far as growing weed at every other stage, Im a pro. Lol its the seeds im having trouble with.


Ph for Coco is 5.8

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Sorry @Powaforce didn’t realize you already suggested more soil around her trunk

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Got it. Thanks