I had a question about cross breeding plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello I had a question about cross breeding plants. If you were to pollinate a feminized autoflower plant with a regular strain… would the seed automatically also be feminized and or autoflowering… or would it need to be put on specific light schedule for the flowering stage?

I’m new to this myself but from what I have read you will most likely end up with male and female plant and I wouldn’t think they would be true autos cause your breeding a non auto with a auto so you’re reverting it back to a photo but you can wait for more experience people to comment I’m curious for the answer to now

To get a feminized seed, you must take a female plant and clone it, or make part of that plant go hermie(produce pollen sacs) and then pollinate it back to itself. The resulting seeds will then be femenized, if you use a regular plant with an autoflower, I think it then becomes an autoflower aw well because it had ruderalis Gene in it. Though I’m not 100%

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