I guess I need to start a Journal


I’d like to share my first grow. I’m sure I’m going to get hit up to make a Support Ticket. Problem Is I haven’t kept track so far. I do have some info so I’ll fill in what I can.

Strain; White Widow Photo

Soil in pots, ProMix

System type? I don’t know

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.3 in 5.3 out

What is strength of nutrient mix? Didn’t check

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size? 4 each 40W actual CFL under a Brooder’s light fixture. 10.5 inch dome

Temps; Day, 75-80 Night 72-75

Humidity; Day, 45-60 Night 36-50

Ventilation system; No

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, Just got a humidifier. I need a new wick to get it working

Co2; No

Home made indoor grow area made from silver lined bubble wrap. Small fan intake and small fan exhaust.


Do you have a fan?
Intake ? Outtake?
Sounds like you need vengilation and a flush of 3x the size of your pot with fresh ph water


June 15: germinated and set in solo cup using Jiffy seed starting mix. Watered with distilled H2O with splash of H2O2 pHed down to 5.9. Set in veg room 60% RH @ 80 deg. Lights 6in away.

June 22: 57% RH @ 82 deg. Watered with distilled H2O. Lights 6in away.

June 25: Watered with RO plus nutes 50% RH @ 80 deg. GH 1/2ml micro, 1/2ml grow, 1/2ml bloom. PPM RO water 53 to start 115 after adding GH 3part. pH 5.9 in 6.1 runoff. Lights 4 in above plant.

June 27: Re-doing grow area. Watered with GH 3 part same as 25th.

July 1: Txplanted from solo cup to 4 gal container with lots of holes in bottom and diagonal holes up all 4 sides using soldering iron. ProMix all purpose with Mycro-active. Perlite and vermiculite added. Watered with 1 gal RO water adding 1ml Cal-Mag and 1 ml bloom PH out 6.3. Lights 4 in above plant.

July 7: Going out of town. Watered with one gal distilled water, 1ml Cal-Mag, 1/2 ml micro, 1/2 ml grow, 1/2 ml bloom, 1/2 tsp unfiltered sorghum. pH 6.3 in 5.3 runoff. Lights 4 in above plant.

July 9: Returned to find leaves starting to ummmmm… IDK what to call it. Ruffled I guess. Photo below.

Should I be concerned?


New growth is getting a 6 pack.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes. small 6in intake and 6in exhaust. @Fever


Which Pro mix are you using? I’ve seen to different mixes of it on here. I think that may be considered a soilless mix? But not sure. You need to know for sure so you know where to PH your runoff for the medium you are using.



Ingredients Canadian peat moss, peat humas, perlite, lime (pH adjust), GHA297 (Mycorrize Glomus Intraradices)


Good stuff pro mix is a soilless mix look good keep it up :wink:


That’s a soilless mix, so I’m thinking you need to be around 5.8 PH runoff with that.
And it looks like it has a time release fertilizer in there which you don’t want.

•Canadian sphagnum peat moss
•Peat humus
•Controlled release fertilizer
•Mycorrhizae - GHA297 Technology

Calling in some help.
@Majiktoker @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @garrigan62 @Donaldj


It’s about as hot as ffof ive never used this kind but I would give it a shot mine is BX and my ph is 6.3-6.8 @garrigan62 @latewood have you tried this kind of pro mix



But with it having the time release that scares me some so I wouldn’t recommend it you never use time realese fertilizer !! I want to control my nutes not have them feed something and time hope this helps


I use it for my mothers but it takes a few months to get it to point where I would entertain flowering in it


@Rugar89 Where did you see the controlled release fertilizer? It’s not on the bag’s ingredients. Oh on the link you posted. Duh


I had some leafs look like that on my last grow. A started feeding with some Cal-Mag and it took care of the problem. (Not saying that is what you problem is but depending on the nutrient line you are using adding some Cal-Mag might be something you want to think about.)


I’m a total newb here and may be out of line, but with all of the time release stuff in the soil and adding more nutes on top, I would definitely be checking your pH and PPM already on the run off. It may just need a good ol’ flush and then start getting a handle on exactly what they’re being fed.


I have this and bought it at the hydroponic store. No issues and I’m not convinced this is “hot” either.


OK, I just finished flushing 5 gal of Walmart RO water pHed to 5.9 in. Last gal out was 95 ppm @6.9. Back under the light now while I go replenish water. I think I’ve traumatized this one enough for today. What do you all have to say? @Rugar89 @Fever @Hogmaster @Donaldj


Give it some light nutes or it will starve after flush


I ran a gal of 1/2ml micro, 1/2 ml bloom, 1/2ml gro and 1ml of cal-mag.
pH in 5.4 145ppm
pH out 6.9 90ppm
Now off to get grow area another fan, wick for humidifier, and 5 gal more RO water.
@Fever @Donaldj @Hogmaster @Rugar89 @GetbackJoJo