I guess I just can't grow diddly

Still trying to get my first grow off the ground. I was attempting to start these plants from seed. Started in Solo cups, was told to transplant, I did to 3 gal. pots. Still weren’t doing much, was told to repot which I did into 20 gal. grow bags. Apparently both times I’d let them go to long in the smaller containers. I wasn’t feeding them much I guess, the Bergman’s Growtime fertilizer once a week. 4-1 sprouted in solo cups, so here we are better than six weeks later and they’re obviously skinny and only 15" tall. Am I a complete failure? Should I just start over?

What soil are you using? Given they are in such large pots not it will be tough to get water to runoff. You probably need to feed them if the NPK values are not very high as indicated on the bags of soil.

@WickedAle What do you mean “to get the water to runoff”? I put Cal-mag on them Monday. Like 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. I sprinkled Epsom Salt on the soil yesterday. How often do they need the Cal-Mag? Thank you.

Feeding nute/water to the pot until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Measurments on that runoff.

Don’t mess with powders and don’t just add chemicals indiscriminately. You need to control the pH and PPM of EVERYTHING you feed to your plant.


When you transplant they spend all their energy building root structure. You won’t see much going on above the soil until that’s established.
Going from 3gal to 20gal is a big jump, it’s going to appear to do nothing for a while. Don’t fret p, one day she’ll just take off.

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I think they look good. Theyve gotta adjust to being moved into larger pots but they will surely take off. Keep your ph under control.

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