I grew up in the woods with minimal sun, what strain do you recommend I buy?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I grew up in the woods with minimal sun, what do you recommend that I buy? Also, when should I plant? I live near Boston.”

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I’ll suggest a auto strain youll want some direct sunlight tho
Min 8 hours direct would be best imo
Are you still in the woods are there any clearings
With reduced light you’ll have reduced wieght
Youll want to plant in spring after last freeze or frost
Or start them indoors


What if he grew through veg inside, and then transplanted for flower outside where the low light level won’t be as much of a factor?? Then they could grow photo for bigger harvest? I am asking, not suggesting, as I do not know.


You still would want direct sunlight although less of it would be ok
Id say min 6 hours in flower of direct
When i grow outdoors i use a area where i get min 10 hours during summer and in fall will drop below 8


I just grew 6 different strains outdoors. The indicas were actually light burned from too much sun. I think they are biologically evolved to grow up in the jungle with reduced light. If I grew them outside again, I would put up shade cloth. More sativa-like strains were fine with it, and they were all right next to each other in identical pots, soil, water, nutes, etc.

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I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971

Auto is the way to go in Mass. I just did 4 types, 6 plants outdoors and trying to get them to finish during a fast approaching wet cold fall is very challenging.

As an added bonus you won’t be finishing during the normal “harvesting” window in your area so you won’t be the same type of target for rippers. I didn’t consider this much of a factor but this past season some F**kers cut through my fencing and chopped 3 and a 1/2 of my 6 plants down a full 2 weeks before they were ready.

So between Rippers and Bud Rot If I do outdoor again in MA I would certainly do auto’s.

That stinks @Sconi
Sorry :neutral_face: those bums did that to you

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That’s why you need some security round the clock. I’ve got a German Shepard and her son to guard the place. We don’t know what his father’s breed was but you could throw a saddle on him and ride him around the property!