I got the bug, root and mold

Im confused with the intructions…I dilute the bug protector in 1 liter…I mean the whole bother…I havent apply it yet because I thing made it wrong

What did the instruction say?

It says one cup for littler…I got confused …wasnt sure if it means the whole bottler and dilute it in a littler. How can I fix it?

How much bug protector did you end up using?

@Felix just to be clear you added the whole bottle to one liter of water correct?

What was the size of the bottle of bug protector?

The leters are so small I cant read it.

I haven’t use it yet because I m sure did it wrong. I mixed a whole boter of bugs control in 1 quater of water. Now I need to know how to fix it

It all depends on how much bug protector you put in. If you didn’t add enough bug protector just add more to fit the requirement. If you added to much bug protector you will need to add the correct water ratio to match the amount.of bug protector you used.

So direction say 1.bottle cap per.litter of water. I would toss it and start over consider it a lesson learned. You would need to add a binch of water to fix it. I didnt do amy math but at a quick look i bet that bottle makes between 10-20 gallons of solutions if not more.

Thanks…that’s what I thought. The problem is that I can’t read how much the bottle has. I got it from here

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I can’t read the amount of the bottles. Have sombody got these bottles from this site and know how much is in a bottle?

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“All bottles contain 250ml/8.45oz each. Enough nutrients for a 20 plant grow.”

Hope this helps!

I believe that is the plant care package… not the nutrients package… :wink:

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Even the website doesnt say

Dump a bottle into a measuring cup. My guess they are the same size bottles as the nutrients


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