I got spider mites again


I thought I was going to make through this grow without this problem
But it’s not to be.
I was checking on my girls when I noticed this white that looked like power on the leaves. After a
closer look under a microscope Yup…"SIDER MITES "
I sprayed them down real good.
I checked on them this morning and all is good so far.
Come to find out that my buddy who has a grow had the same thing. He brought them to my grow.
So be careful on who you bring in even friends that grow can be your worst enemy.

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Dr.Danks Acapulco Gold & Blue Dream

Man that really sucks,I hope you get it under control and can get rid of em. Looks like your gonna have to get your buddy one of those disposable jumpsuits with the hood to wear lol.


Will what did u use to spray them with



I think your on to something there Cash. I should just get one as a joke and spring or on him next time he comes over…lol

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Hey Ice…here is a pic of the stuff I used.
It killed them like right now. After I sprayed them real good under the leaves. I checked say 3 he’s later and didn’t see any movement.
But I’ll keep checking for a few more days to make sure.
I think it was Home Depot or Lowe’s where I got Captain Jack’s and it’s organic. After there dead just mist your plants and it will wash off.

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Cool will pick some up today now I read that ladybugs are good for getting rid of other bugs is that true


Yea that would be pretty funny man,you should do it and see what be says


Yes it very true. I just didn’t want to wait two or four days for them.
But you know I mite just go ahead and order some cause they like all kinds of soft shelled critters. I would cut them loose as soon as I got them just to keep things in check.

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Hey Cash…I think i’ll make him put on a respirator with the jump suite…lmao

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Don’t laugh. If you visit my greenhouse; You do not get in without 1st changing into a jumpsuit, and clogs that I supply. Mold and Powdery Mildew can easily be spread by well meaning friends , as well.


Let me know if that works. I tried that once, and did not work for me. I stick with my [Diatomaceous_Earth][1]
[1]: http://www.amazon.com/Diatomaceous-Earth-Food-Grade-10/dp/B00025H2PY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435792604&sr=8-1&keywords=diatomaceous-earth?tag=greenrel-20


I will laugh cause the look on his face when he pulled it out would be priceless, and if I ran a commercial greenhouse I would make everyone do the same cause it’s a buisness.I was definetly not laughing at his problem


Will how are your girls doing?


Oh I know you weren’t Cash.
What actually was just a joke between friends actually brings merit to what Latewood is saying. Even though it not a commercial grow some of us do have alot of money tied up just in the seeds let alone everything else. And it should be protected against critters from outside.

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They are all fine. I believe I got them before they got out of control.
When they start webbing then they are real hard to get rid of.
That stuff I used and posted here really worked.
I check them again tonight and saw no critters at all.
But hey, thank you for asking Hillcrest.

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Oh yea he’s definitely right,I’ve actually been thinking of getting some jumpsuits to give people to wear cause I’ve had a few of my friends stop by to see mine and I’ve gotten worried about them bringing something in.I’ve got dense woods all around me and I’m out in them everyday so I worry a lot about me bringing something in too, I may need to wear one as well


Oh he’ll.ya…If you are where you say you are ya! Most definitely.
Why take any chance’s
Something very little could wipe your crop out in a heart beat.

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Hi, I just became a member after reading garigans62’s problem with the spider mites :(. I had the same problem. Don’t know if I still do - because I haven’t turn every leaf of my plants (two of them) as yet. However, I started about a week ago using Diaomaceous_Earth - which was listed as being effective against spider mites (and many other pests looming around in your home). I live in Germany and it is my third attempt at trying to grow my own. The first one was a bit of a success with very tiny buds and not such a great high. The second batch I had to abandon because of my travelling back and forth; during my absence they became infested with spider mites and my wife just don’t have a green thumb at all - so I had her ditch them. I grow indoors because of the weather.

This being my third attemp and looking good - after the the DE treatment - but I am still worried about my girls. Some leaves have been eaten by something :frowning: ! Not very sure by what. I place DE in the under cover - which catches excess water - and atop the soil of each plant. As a matter of fact I did the same for all my plant at home. I even washed each under-cover plate with a special solution to kill any mold or mildew.

MAybe my application method of DE is wrong - should I have mixed it with water and sprayed the plants instead of just covering the soil? Oh - I forgot to mention. I showered down each plant in the bathtub every other day for one week being as throughly as I could. I also went out and purchased a bottle of lavender oil and dissolved this in preboilded-water which I used to spray each leaf (trying to cover top and underside) almost each day now. It has been a little more than a week and they seem to have fewer spidermites.

But are they ALL gone - I dont know. what are these bite-holes on my leaves if all the mites are gone? Is there a way to post a pic?

Best regards,


Hello JT and welcome to ILGM
The DE should work just fine I believe your problem is your washing the DE off before it can do it’s job. I would stop washing your plants dust them ladies good and get under the leaves and dust your soil and let it sit for a week and keep checking under the leaves.
Ya a pic would help big time.
Mean time I’ll do some checking on them holes for ya.
I hope this helps and once again Welcome to our world

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Well i need some here. Im not sure what they are. They are shiney almost clear they look dead and not moving. I sprayed them a few days ago because i had very small grasshopper looking bugs. The pic are kinda fuzzy im trying to take pic thru the magnfier with phone. Like i said they almost clear and shiney.

. They dont look like thrips i had them before and they were off white. Like i said they look like they are shiny clear and silvery