I got seeds from an Auto Fem after stressful situation..... are the seeds still autos, Fems, Herms, or garbage?

Hey everyone… I have seen similar posts but mixed answere and some off topic

Simply out I had 2 AutoFem Northern lights platnts that dried out over an emergency trip and no one to water them…When I returned I got them going again and eventually ended up with 8oz of happiness…also a few doz seeds. obviously they got stressed out over the ordeal… I saved them cause seeds are expensive and well just cause I had them…
whats the conscientious will they be autos? will they be fems? will they be confused?

I put 3 in germination this morning and am wondering if I should attempt to grow em or is that just a waste to time… I will probably be putting them outside and NOT with the 4 auto fems I have in my tent just in case they are herms…


They should be auto fems still. They could carry a stronger herm trait but they could also grow just fine.


thanks… after I harvest the few i have now I may try the seeds I have from last year…right now i have 2 sour diesel auto/fems… a bruce banner… a blue dream… and trying some white russians a friend gave me all are auto fems but the russians…

wish they would all get taller and bigger then the 8-10 inches I usually wind up with…im jealous of the bigger plants

I quit doing autos because of their unpredictability. I may throw a seed or two out in the yard and let them do their thing but I’m not wasting anymore energy on them.