I got nice fat stems, branches, and roots.... ideas?

I can’t “smoke” and i hate to waste any of my girls if I can use them other ways…
Lookin for ideas to make any other delivery method for the goodness that is weed…
i already make butter…

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I have just recently begun experimenting with edibles. So far I have made 2 different batches of gummies, You can read my edibles journal here:

My next foray will be brownies. I will add to the journal when I get around to doing that.

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Brownies are quickier and tasty…yum

Canna caps would probably be solid choice.

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just made some caps from some “stuff” a friend grew and gave me… not very impressed with the quality or potency so I figured I would make caps…
Used about 5gr and just under a shot glass of coconut oil…
put the herb in foil and put it in my smoker ( no wood) at 200 for 1/2 hr… thats how I tried to decarb it without the smell…seems like it worked
(till i opened the foil)
then put it with the oil in a mason jar and then the jar in a crockpot of water for about 5 hours…again limiting the smell till I opend the jar.
Filled 30 pcs of “00” caps… now to experiment with how many to take at once…any ideas…suggestions appreciated

Can grind up stem and roots ,and add to smoothies, one of my favourites, is to decarb trim and add to my schnitzel coating, just grind up and add to the bread crumbs . I’m about to try infusing it into ice cream, , if you make up a batch in coconut oil instead of butter , it’s on hand to cook with in anything, there are so many ways to take it , and I’m finding more each day ,