I got my custom LED Light

I ordered my light early last month and it has shown up in my last order of four light for testing but this is much cooler I made it :slight_smile: or got some one to make it for me
I have been looking for a light that used cob and decret LEDs in the one light
I asked a friend who imports LED lights for house hold factory and street lights so asking for custom items via him and they are happy to do it. My friend has ordered a heap of differnt lights so I now have a pile of grow lights to test :slight_smile:
I got them to put different LEDs and a full spectrum cobs in to match sun light as close as I could but its still a little purple tint to the light so next order will have more white the green didnt work right
The full spectrum Cob atm dont have deep blues and far reds or UV and IR so I got them to add some
I just gave them the part numbers for each LED emitter and looks like it is close with every thing on full it looks like a later summer day with alittle extra red and blue beter fans UV and IR
I also got them to add a dial to each group so I can change each color
I got it for free and thats the cool bit but my importer friend wants to sell them once I am happy with the mix of LEDs
But it does look interesting so far

Here is some pics I will setup a grow soon to see how I did


Wow that thing is AMAZING what’s the equivalent wattage?

My par meter isnt working so I am waiting on my mate to get me another one but going off the stats for the chips
I would guess some where between 800 and 1000 hps maybe ish its pulling 331 watt from the wall cold
I have aimed it to work in a meter by meter floor space with the lens as setup here lens can be changed to suit a space if needed
The cobs have 90deg glass domes to spread the light out and the small leds are magnified to get better penetration
but Until I get a new Par meter I can only guess
I will set this up in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent soon to test the par once I get a working one


I am ordering an eight cob one to fit into a cloak room I have in my house its old and has odd rooms and storage that you dont see in new houses, the boss has handed me that room as a grow room its 2m x 1.5m so an cob would be spot on


Cant wait to see the results!

Going to pull it and the other 3 apart first to make sure they fitted the right parts becasue I have caught suppliers making misstakes in their favor in past orders of street lights he ordered
The guy knows next nothing about LEDs and the sellers have noticed this before and swapped to cheaper parts to make extra money on a deal

That is awesome.

that’s nice I wish I had friends like that :sunglasses:

Nothing is ever really free


You can send your old ones over this way :wink::v:


I’m catching a fever. A disco fever.


as i get to each one i will post pics and specs
I just took a heap of clones for a grow so will pick a light for it
I am annoyed with my self for ordering a Mars Pro 2 just before my importer friend
tabled this idea I will not end up using it at this rate


Due to budget I’m not able afford the optimum lights. I do have (1) 100 (1) 75 LED light bulb both for for veg and I need help on transitioning (on a budget) to flowering stage.

Any light will (to a point) but the more light you can supply the more you will get (again to a point)
Can you show a picture of your lights please and it will help people answer your question about your lights

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Hey there all
light looks cool will be following this to see what you come up with!
Any idea what type of price range you think you’ll have these light in and also what sizes would you offer ? Or would you build custom for each customer?
Very :sunglasses: Cool good luck with it

disregard the labeling but I have a 100 w & 75 w blue daylight bulbs like this.

I use one of them in my seed/clone box and it works but I took off the cover, It was halving the light output.
It grows them to seedling size then I place them under a stronger light for the grow stage.
You can use lights like you are using but you will struggle in flower if you don’t add more light
One or two of those lights will grow seedling perfectly right upto about 15cm after that you will need more light
I want one of those my self because there are not dimmable ones in my area at all.