I got mold, what should I do

Here in Australia has been raining for a while and today I noticed few buds have mold (dark grey).
Plants are not ripe yet; they still have few weeks to go.
What should I do? I am so upset.
What is the best thing to do?

Picture? Cut infected bit out a
For no more

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I think too many mold already
I think I have to pull the plant out and dry it?

Sometimes it is better to pull the plant early then
Let the mold take over and loose the crop … any pic of the plant itself? Wana have a perv at your girl (plant)

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do you think that is the only way?
do you think spraying with peroxide would work? I just heard about this peroxide but I don’t know much

I havnt done it myself
But theres a few here that rave about it… i chopped a few of my super skunks a lil early cause of the rot … and they are :fire::fire::fire:

does bud rot grow very fast? I don’t think I saw these yesterday and now suddenly I can see this many

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Yes within a day or two you can loose a

Have you seen
Any caterpillars on them? As they tend to shit in the buds and when it rains it rots out the

you mean these may not be bud rot?

Its is bud rot maybe sorry to say all im saying
Is caterpillars can cause it …

these are from just yesterday :frowning:

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is this mould toxic if some is left and goes to your smoke?

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Yes. It will cause lung infections that are difficult to cure. Do not smoke moldy buds. Very bad stuff.
I’d strongly advise to cut off all mouldy spots and do a bud wash at harvest.
In my experience it’s near impossible to get ahead of outdoor this close to the end.
Depending on your weather for the next few weeks you may get to the end but you may not. ( Rain or not ). If it’s not in the ground you might gain a bit of time by putting under shelter for your rain events.
Have to be vigilant tho and check the plant daily. Maybe even twice daily.
And yes. It does spread that fast.
Best of luck. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Yes bud rot is bad. White powder mildew can be foight with hydrogen peroxide water mix to combat it but it dont keep it away. And dark brown gray spot need cut out so u dont kill urself smoking ur own stuff. B safe. Good luck

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Yeah I’ve have issues with rot.

Cut off the infected bud and watch them closely in case any comes back. I lost 2 huge colas recently to rot, but got a few similar size and most of the smaller buds were fine. So it is possible your harvest will be mostly ok
But these 2 got tossed out entirely.

Supposedly peroxide only works on mildew not mold/rot.

Sorry dude.

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yes, I pulled them out and trimmed all the infected buds but I am thinking this process will likely cause some cross contamination, you don’t see it. Do you think even that minute amount can cause lung infection?
How do you wash? I don’t really have time/resources for a wash if it is a big job. Do you think I should throw them in the bin if this mould is that dangerous?

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yes I had grey/brown mold
I cut off all the moldy buds but as I was trimming I have touched the healthy buds (it is hard to avoid). Do you think the rest is not safe?

That’s why the bud wash at harvest. :wink:

Just a quick video of the process to help illustrate a bit better.


High, @Blackmoon @Nip @OlyBoy98503 @Deez
You can cut it off, throw it away where it won’t infect your other buds, wash, very simple 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 5 gallons of water agitate with buds let sit for about 15 minutes and then shake off extra hydrogen peroxide mixture and let drip dry. But shake as much water off as you can. This was passed down to me and it seemed to work well. Make sure you cut out all bud rot though. Don’t smoke any moldy bud. Good luck