I got me sum new stuff. Product new seeds n I won some seeds lets talk about it

First off I had 3 boys wit my last grow trashed. But any who those are my blues clues (blue dream,blue cheese n blue haze) also one sunset sherbert. Got new products the recipe for success. Its working great. My biggest mistake on my first run was listening to the man say I didn’t need anything extra for my soil tragic. U suppose to sell up not stop a sale.
Got me a coco coir brick. Big bag perlite n more nutes for my girls also a new 1500 w light. Fun try this solo challenge but do i put a hole in cup or like wat :thinking: but those are my updates. O yea I won free seed from the grow tent can’t wait to get those in mail. But follow him on youtube. N follow me on twitch n youtube @queenslaycartia on twitch. Queen cartia on YouTube thanks yall

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Good luck and welcome!

Welcome keep me tagged ,so I can follow