I got Larry, Curly, and Moe atuo

I got 3 autoblooms Northern lights! We are on week 9 going on ten and suddenly leaves are yellow from bottom up! This is my second attempt! Soil is great, I use rain water and it’s only 2 out of the 3 I’m having problems with!


That isn’t much to go on. We need pictures so that we can make an informative posts.


I’m having issues with my phone I can’t get it to upload and I’m computer handicapped at the moment! Y’all please bare with me as I try to figure out! I’m just not a computer/phone person!

Could be any of a few things.

It’s normal for leaves to yellow at harvest time.

Overwatering can cause progressive yellowing.

Too much nitrogen can cause the problem too. Once plants get that far into flowering they no longer need much nitrogen at all.

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Would you recommend doing a flush or just let it go? So they still can get over watered in a Fabric pot?

Flushing will only address one of the above listed concerns. It’s hard to tell much about the nitrogen uptake without a picture under natural light. Excessive nitrogen will first cause leaves to develop a dark green, waxy look. Do you have the ability to measure your runoff PPM?

It could also be a pH problem and I didn’t mention that earlier. Have you measured runoff pH? An out-of-range pH will cause nutrient lockout.

When do you plan to harvest? They appear pretty mature. Your intended harvest date can affect what is best for you to do as well.

Yes you can over water when using a fabric pot. It is hard to tell in the burple light but they look wet. How often are you watering?

Every day! It’s rain water! The PH meter I bought showed all it good but I haven’t checked it in a while!

How much are you watering. If the soil is too wet you can suffocate the roots. When you pick up the pot is it heavy? I’d recommend slowing down in the watering. What kind of soil are you using?

My current plants are a few weeks from harvest and they have been getting a gallon of water every third day (Water, 2 days off, water) they are in ProMix.

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I have a dehumidifier because I’m in a cellar ask it’s usually dries out by morning and it being rain water I figured it was the best Ph but it could be a little low 6.3 last I checked and that was a good while ago!

And th me soils is Baccto

I’ve never heard of Baccto but that doesn’t mean anything… lt looks like they have 13 different soils.

It’s what everyone uses in this ole small town for their tomato plants, I did have sand on top to keep out gnats! But I think she’s a goner even the sugar leaves are going! So I’m betting your totally right on over watering!

So you check your Ph levels every time you feed? I have a reader used it once just to check my rain water and then never checked it again, cause it’s rain water! And then I guess I over watered assuming it is all good cause of the clothe pots and I need better soil too!

Yes, I check and record my pH and ppm every time I water or feed. If your pH is off you can lock out vital nutrients. Look at the chart below. I use ProMix which is considered soilless therefore I use the hydroponic side. You can see if my ph gets too low I lock out my P and mag. If I get too high then I loose my Ca but gain my P. So I play around in the scale. I will ph from 5.6 to 6.1 depending on my slurry tests and what I did last time.

Ppm is important so you know how much they are eating. Say you feed at a ppm of 1000 and your run of is 1100, that would indicate your plants are hungry because the ph of your soil is only 100. On the opposite side if you feed at 1000 and your runoff is 2500 you are feeding too much.

Can you get some pictures in regular light?


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I removed most of the yellow leaves and from the top those pistals haven’t been sprouting since this started! And if the sugar leaves start to go it’s a done deal right!? Like RIP!? And yes I flushed her last night