I got bugs! What will they do to my buds?

Please help…I thought they were white flies now I’m not so sure…any idea what they are and what they will do to my buds? What should I do?


Captian jacks dead bug if you can find it in your area.

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I’ve got it and I’ve used it over and over…doesn’t seem to so anything…

CJDB is very effective. How are you treating your plants?

I use it at least once a week. If I notice bugs, I spray them twice a day for a few days…

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I can’t zoom in enough to Id them, but they look like rather large white bugs of some type. Those dark brown looking buds is that color strain related or caused by bugs?

Hoping strain related…cannahaze…I can find nothing about the strain.

You gotta spray that shit all over and under every leaf and branch can’t miss anything. I would also be spraying peroxide/water every other day


4 oz cj to 32 oz water and sprayed like no other…sprayed when lights came on…ran fans to let everything dry…only did it a couple times though…thought I was to use it no more than once every 14 days…

You really need to soak those plants down. Don’t worry about too much. Like I said, give it a few days treatment and every week after…

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Doing it now…thanks for responding…and thanks for hanging with me through this entire grow…I’m sure you remember my 101 are they girl posts…

@oldmarine you got any idea what those critters are? As I can’t really see them. You ever grown White Widow outdoors with any mold problems?

I would also add that I would spray my entire grow room including any cracks or places they can hide.

I can’t tell.

I had mold problems last year. This year I really trimmed out my plants. I also started using silica.

White Widow?


Shake them off onto a dull white piece of paper not shiny. Maybe that will let you take a better picture. Try with flash in dark and without flash in good light

They aren’t on all leaves…just here and there…they don’t shake off…

Can you scape them off with a sharp knife. Also do the same on dark paper for the white ones.
Also how much longer till harvest. How do the trichomes look. Second set of pics are better maybe someone that knows bugs better than me can identify from them.

I cut off most of the leaves that has them and sprayed with captain jack’s…I’m just starting to see amber so i was thinking prob another week…I threw the leaves out so those pictures are all I have. Another group is saying aphids and my plants are ruined???

Those look like the aphids I’m fighting in one of my tents now and it’s no fun. If it’s aphids captain jacks ded bug won’t be effective. Iv used a lot of it. Diatomaceous earth seems to slow them down some. Regular time spent squishing by hand does the most. We’ve also sprayed with Dr brommers oil soap and this works a little as it is oil based and smothers them. Know your enemy, read up on cannibas aphids. I spoke with General hydroponics about their azomax product. I heard it is effective and they say it is safe but the tech said he wouldn’t smoke anything that’s been sprayed. We are squishing and have used Dr brommers but we intend to budwash when harvest. Just try to keep then minimized until harvest and before next grow do a very aggressive fogging spraying and cleaning.

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How cold out where you are? If 40 to 45 and sunny cut out that net and take them outside 3 to 4 hours if possible. Bugs don’t like the cold. Won’t get rid of them completely but will chase some away.