I got a Strange Photo

Flipped a photo to 12/12 15 days ago and she’s still putting up new nodes. I don’t mind so much because I probably flipped her too early for a great yield anyway.

I’ve dialed her back to 11.5/12.5. Anyone seen this before? Anyone ever had a similar photo and put her through a 24 hour dark period to goose her to flower?

Some plants are wonky. Someone had an ambesia haze auto that refused to flower without very short light hours.

What is the strain? And got pics?

Also sativas are known to flower SUPER slowly. N stretch further into flower. @Covertgrower Malawi is still stretching n im sure he’s around 3 weeks from flip


11-15-20 was my flip date. So about week 6. There was a 2 week of solid transition. They finally stopped stretching :man_facepalming: After the 4th week.

She’s a super critical CBD. I’ve shut the lights off until tomorrow, but here is a pic that is about a week old.

Yeah, mine is definitely wonky. I always see pistils, but when I checked a half-dozen of the tops closely yesterday there were no pistils, just new nodes coming up. I usually see pistils within a week, maybe 10 days at most. She has grown from 18" at the flip to 24" today (15 day period,) so it does seem like she is stretching. She is healthy and may just be growing vigorously. I just don’t know.

I put her in the dark last night and won’t turn the lights on again until tomorrow morning. I’m hoping that will do it.

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P.S. since I can’t edit my reply.

She’s a hybrid, but indica dominant. Maybe she has a rogue dominant sativa gene. LOL.

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