I got a great bargain the other day

I got a 100ltr bag of premium perlite and a 900 long block of rocKwool for $32 for the both items


Man shits expensive ur way. Ipaid like 10 dollar for a 100ltr bag of perlite I can get 50 2x2x2 Rockwood cubes for 8 to 10 bucks. This is crazy seeing basically the same stuff for so much more money. It’s sickening.


The rockwool block i got was 900 long i got that for $3.50 so the $32’was for both items and for the perlite bunnings garden centre wants $30 for a 25 ltr bag i think and its a low grade perlite

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3.50 not bad. I get the 50 count for like less than 1p bucks for Rockwood cubes. Perlite was stupid cheap. I was shocked when I walked out with the bag being 4 feet tall 2 feet round for like super cheap. We got alot that day but I know perlite was like dirt cheap lol. Hell I get canna coco bricks for 16 bucks amazon wants 28 each. Wtf

I go to my hydro shop and pick up a massive bag of high quality coco coir with peat moss mix for $50

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I just use strait canna coco no perlite. I just use the perlite basically on the bottom inch or so of the OXY pots to hold in all the coco from falling thru the perforated bottom. So far I’m super happy I switched to the canna coco bricks. I tried cocoloco and had no success with that. After a week of using I switch and mixed the cocoloco with my ffof to finish out the run. Wasn’t gonna even try coco again after the cocoloco mishap but super glad I did.

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