I got a couple of questions for you guys and gals

I’m thinking about cloning, do you need a plug for the roots to grow through or can you just put them into water, do you have to use the root powder or something? This will be totally new to me and I want to give it the best chance…

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from what I hear, root powder can help…but you can just place your clippings in water.


This thread may help ?
-good luck

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I think I can do it, but who knows right,im going to give it a shot… Robert sent something also before,and I think I will be trying it… Thanks for all the help oak and paranormal… Happy Growing

The best thing you can do to succeed is get a propagation kit

…the Mat, tray and Dome for the steady moist heat is most important !

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You saying I should get a heat mat and tray with lid? Been looking at those lol…


Dont forget an air stone in the water as well, or your clone will drown.

Realistically, all you need is water, but some people use cloning solutions. I prefer cloning gel to powder, as gel doesn’t wash off as easy.

I would also changed your water weekly, as to limit negative bacterial matter. It’s not required, but I like to pH my water to 5.5-5.7, and find it speeds up root formation.

Here’s an old video for your pleasure. It shows very easy cloning methods in hydroponics.

Good luck, cheers.


Thanks that is a little different than I was planning on, I’ll give it some
thought… But don’t think I will be going that way… I was just thinking
about a cup of water and letting it sit there till I got ready for it…
With daily water change, or I could put them in a little round clone
starter’s in a tray with some and heating mat I have to decide what method
I’m going to use, but thanks for the info… Happy Growing

I put them in Rapid rooters / I use Takeroot cloning powder / I keep about a quarter inch of the bottom of the rapid Rooter in a cloning solution in the bottom of the tray / I never change it, I only swish it around to aerate it and add to it

… in five to eight days I’ve Got Roots, keep the heat about 80 give or take a couple degrees I like it a little warmer and very high humidity

This and a couple of other things on that link work for me

  • good luck
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Thanks I need all the luck I can get lol… Happy Growing

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It’s not that hard relax that’s half the battle it really is just follow your steps in a row and pretty soon it’s back of your hand type of stuff …you’ll see !

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@ktreez420 made his own cloning bubbler and has done well cloning as well. Sure he will direct you to his thread on it


Thanks for the encouragement paranormal, yep just relax and enjoy it…
Happy Growing

Thanks blountville, Happy Growing

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This is what I did. I am 95% successful with rooting on all my clones. Maybe it will help? :v:️ Cloning was always a problem for me until I made this.


Or with 98% success rate take clones 2 weeks in flower, use a small red solo cup fill up 1/3 with perilite and fill other 2/3 with vermiculite. Shake/mix the two well so it’s evenly blended cut a clone lightly most once or twice a day and cover it up with a small ziploc.

Perilite and vermiculite, can and will root clones in 3-7 days. All you need is 100 watt cfl bulb and you wouldn’t need to add airstones and all the good stuff it’s cheaper about $25 for both the perilite and vermiculite together.

This is a clone i cloned that way

She is a grape og kush, mother had nice bright purple buds with long orange hairs


She took 3 days to root, I just took a northern lights clone 2 days ago, I’ll keep posted with her, she already has new healthy growth coming in

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Thanks for the info… Happy Growing

My pleasure and you as well :smile:

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I need all the help I can get cause this is the first time doing it… I might just take a deep breath and relax just do it lol…