I❤️GM nutrients

Wondering if there’s any type of feeling scheduled for Autos with these nutrients the kit comes with no information and the schedule on the website looks like it’s for photos. Thanks in advance

It’s the same. Just monitor run off ppms depending on medium. Question is pretty vague without knowing medium. Only difference is an auto tells you what phase it’s in while a photo let’s you decide. Same nutes for same phases. You can’t predict autos 100% out the gate anyway. A lot consider autos more challenging than photos because of this.


To be on safe side start off nutes at a quarter to half dose per gallon xif no issues up the feed each feeding til ur at full doses and ready to fly high. Good luck.

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I would follow schedule to the point of staying on veg nutes until a couple weeks after you see pistils, then apply flowering nutes according to schedule unless plants determine otherwise.

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