I get so mad reading on here

It’s infuriating to see all these beautiful outdoor grows in the US while sitting in the south risking everything for a closet grow for medical purposes. If I tried it here it’s risking a life sentence. What’s legal to grow in one state should be legal in all. It’s my health it’s my choice.


Haha i know ur plight. This year i tossd a few outside anyway. Ran outta indoor space and they are unknown genetics. Watching the progression has been cool. But she drives me crazy noid… whenever she starts flowering, ill probably be chopping around week 6 :joy::man_facepalming:t5:


I got one I put out in the woods. Couldn’t kill her. It was for a friend that lost all his when he let a male in and didn’t check. I was going to give it to him. ( already in flower ) but he’s to busy to come get it so I said screw it. It’s mine and going in the woods. Hopefully done before deer season.

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Need to scope me a good gorilla spot for next year. Loads of untraveled creeks in my neighborhood. Id drop 2-3 just to ride past and smell em from Aug to Oct :joy::joy:. No real woods (in Mississippi ifkr…)


I was going to but crop duster is always over our house. But this year they didn’t plant a thing in the field so no planes. Wish I would have known.

Haha yea the year started soaking… then droughtd all summer. Now hurricane season is kicking gears in Sept… :man_shrugging:t5:

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I got 30 acres but it most all thick woods. So thick sun light don’t hit the ground.

Salutations Painfree,

USA is a true federation compared to Canada which is a confederation, yet it may help to understand that both countries still “harmonize” their laws, at least in principle, with international treaties rooted in the Geneva Opium Convention of February 19, 1925… Back then “Indian Hemp” / “Cannabis sativa L.” were added for obscure reasons which wouldn’t stand rational examination in a court of justice today, but this is of highly political nature anyway.

The “medical” vs “criminal” / “recreational” strategy forced some progress thought it fails to address the rotten foundation of bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionism, quite especially if we account for proportionality considerations. The sooner we defeat this artificial bipolar system by imposing even more fundamental issues the better it will get. Meanwhile failure to recognize the actual source of our enemy’s power is why social progress takes so long to spread in “civilized” countries of the Commonwealth and i’m afraid most of us are confronted to a political “elite” class with socio-toxic predatory self-serving agendas. M’well, with a few rare exceptions like my hero from USA (lets hear Earl Blumenauer vs Michael Botticelli!):

YouTube - US Rep. To Deputy Director of Drug Policy: You’re ‘Part of the Problem’ (2014-Feb-4)

Still campaining for real justice today:

MM: Congressman Says Marijuana Could Be Legal Sooner If Trump Stops Tweeting (2019-Aug-19)

The crucial point is that cannabis just needs to be removed from any schedule where alcohol and tobacco still remain excluded for some very odd reasons. To do that a major change of attitude is also required to happen at the United Nations where national soverain authority was traded in denial of our own democratic institutions, many generations ago, only to please utopian “elite” ideologies in days of Victorian-age eugenism… Once done with such socio-toxic legacy inherited between 2 wars the noble plant shall be free again and i got plenty of fertile soil, water and sunlight awaiting for such blessed day myself. Meanwhile i’m cerainly as frustrated as you feel considering it is “criminal” in my province to grow my own “bio” while our few authorized LPs actually impose mari-caca that’s been vilified in multiple manners, besides public money financing the chase for “illegal” outdoor grows, with help from our provincial police, assisted by Canada’s RCMP police and even the Army. Yet it’s been “legalized” for the rest of Canada except another province with equally anachronic politicians in control.

The worst part of it being perhaps that the halloween “science” of Trudeau was based on guests as USA activists like Kevin Sabet and Nora Volkov, mandated to entertain 80-some other “scientifics” over “ADDICTION” at hotel Marriott in Montréal in 2016, though the event was actually organized in Calgary/Alberta. Etc., etc.

So yeah, i share some of the rage indeed, if that’s any comfort at all.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:


Not comforting at all. I wish it was legal for all but to many people bought and payed for by big pharmaceutical and the easy money made by law enforcement for it to happen soon. Things will change. Look around and see how many are making the move to cannabis from pharmaceuticals. From the very young to the older generation. As people see the real benefits they realize how they have been lied to and begin to vote differently. More and more candidates are running on some sort of legalization platform.


Hi again Painfree,

So i see we share some similar rage…

It might feel better if Big pharama weren’t also migrating as well… :roll_eyes:

That’s part of the difference between a true federation and the conferedation where i live. On top of a bogus “Légaleezation” favourably depicted by biased (propaganda) channels there the matter of healthwise consumption methods being denied as a result of importing even more socio-toxic UN ideology via the FCTC/COP6 event of 2014, which took place away from any potential criticism in Moscow/Russia, champion of democratic institutions… That’s how Québec’s sinister of “healthy ways” Lucie “Nez Rouge” Charlebois managed to cut 'n paste content denying “Harm Reduction” alternative, long before she allowed unilateral retro-active modification of rental coontracts currently causing evictions in my own province. As a matter of fact, should i dare grow on my private innaccessible balcony i’d certainly face such fate myself and it’s not going to change in my lifetime i believe.

Last but not least, the “legal” avenue is designed to be a deterrent rather than an incentive. For example Hexo/Hydropothecary published the non-detection level for myclobutanil, which changes into a “Schedule-3” poison of the Chemical Weapons Convention if heated… Searching for details i found out years later that this is actually refering to Zyklon gas, the same that was used between 1942 ~ 1944 in German death chambers. Ah, and this culminates with cynical irony knowing that very same company never lost their license despite multiple myclobutanil incidents while promising to offer “kosher” grade - which is nonsensical and misleading to say the least!!


E.G. not comforting indeed, because ultimately the bigot’s strategy is to induce fear+suspicion via amplified vilification intented to cause kids to stay away from the safest mind-altering plant on earth. Apparently pretending to be unaware that kids can browse the web too!.. Which is why i predict the next step for our politicians shall be to mute social media, in order to fight “Fake News” as that currently conveyed by a mass media supposed to “educate” us.


Etc., etc.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:


I’m generally libertarian - typically right on fiscal policy and left on social issues but it’s always an issue by issue situation. I personally feel the biggest threat to American politics is the 2 party system but as you eluded to I’ve made up my mind to only vote for people running on a cannabis platform for complete legalization. Whoever that may be I’ll take whatever bad policies come with it to atleast move the needle on that one issue


Thats heavy S—- i need a bowl :leaves::boom::100::dizzy:


Following Canada would be step in wrong direction as far as all of our legal states would see it.


Care to elaborate o ‘enlightened one? :joy::joy::joy:

My state is a Zero Tolerance State. I still grow outdoors, although I do live out in the country on 17 acres and grow autos due to their size. I also have planes flying over my house all the time, it’s nice living over the airspace of a flight training school.

Better to ask forgiveness than to beg for attention. And the Trump bashing didn’t take long, Obama could have legalized it, Clinton could’ve too. And voting on a candidate based on pure cannabis legalization is a bad idea.

The fight starts at the State level, it has happened and will continue to happen as long peope fight for State’s rights.


I’ll come help you clear a spot. @Painfree

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Everything is managed through the government, down to which seeds you can buy and how many. And it’s heavily taxed. Most of the legal states here seem exceed what is legally allowed in Canada anyways.

You can go back to before cannabis was legal anywhere and the smart people will tell you that legalization isn’t what they’re after. They were smart and wanted it to be unscheduled and decriminalized.


Needs to be decriminalized, like most things they make laws for “us” to follow not them.

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Thanks. Unscheduled and decriminalized does equal pess regulation. So what ur saying is weed is to be grown and barterd. Not bought at a bar or dispensary?

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Just planes don’t bother me but this crop duster makes his turn 100 feet up right over the property. Close enough to see his face is just too close for me. Lol