I germinated my seeds by paper towel method then I planted them into soil 3 days later it came outta soil does this look normal

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It should eventually shed the CAP if not you may have to help it a little. Looks good just try not to over water. Good luck

Would I wanna give it light for 24/7 now?

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And also what’s your thoughts on this one

24/7 light would be good for seedlings. If you could use a dome which gets your humidity high for seedlings is always better. Use a Mist bottle to mist the inside cover of the Dome. Lightly Mist plant so you’re not over-watering.

Thanks for information

suggest you use clear plastic 9 oz cups for hatchlings. then you can see the root growth progress. Once the roots look like a spider web…transplant to final home.
Also, another clear cup over the plant will act as a humidity dome. Make sure the seed cup has drain holes.

do you have a PH n PPM Meter set…yet? It’s critical. $20 online.


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Yes I have PH Kit and my set up will be in grow tent what watt led lights should I start them on ?

PH kit? are you talking about anything besides a digital PH and PPM Meter Set?

Are the seed husks should be off by now.

Yes seed husk feel off do they look better

membrane fell off

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Good luck I am at about the same stage

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Good luck to you always stay in touch

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