I found this and has anyone done it?

Hey guys, I just came across something I didn’t know one could do for Long-Term Storage and wanted anyone’s thoughts:
Long term storage

…"As long as buds remain consistently in the cure zone after several weeks, you can begin to open jars once/month.

Buds will continue to improve from curing for up to 6 months. After 6 months, further curing will not continue to have much effect. At this point, you want to prepare the buds for long term storage to maintain their potency for as long as possible.

For long-term storage (months), buds should be kept in air-tight containers (the wide-mouthed mason jars they’ve been curing in are perfect) and placed in a cool, dark environment.

For serious long-term storage (6 months or more), you may want to consider vacuum sealing your buds, or even better, storing them in your freezer in tightly packed mason glass jars!"

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I just store everything in Mason jars in a cool dark place.Never froze any bud before so not sure about that.l have also seen Seal a Meal recomended.


I have had strains in the plastic container when I went to Denver. The bud didn’t disappoint. I personally think it gets better over time. Over 1 year in these container. But I use 64oz mason jars exclusively.

I have a taste tester and he loves Girl Scout Cookies. He said this has gotten better. He let others smell it and they got blown away. Sad to say I only have some grams left.


Freezer is best, but allow to thaw before consumption, as the trichomes are brittle and fall off. So be gentle with frozen jars.
@Myfriendis410 has his freezer full.


This is what I do: gotta be a NON frost-free freezer. The cycling of temps in frost-free models degrades THC into CBN which you don’t really want to do.

I’m still smoking flower I put in jars (stretch some Saran wrap over the open jar mouth before putting a lid on. I just left the Boveda pack in it as it wouldn’t do anything frozen.

Vacuum sealing might work but unless packaged in something then vacuum sealing it will crush the flower into a gooey lump that is hard to break up and use.

I just torched a doobie of Purple Haze I’ve had down since May 2019 and have some Sour Diesel in from September 2018. It comes out as fresh as it went in.


Oh boy…CBN maybe good for me as I am not looking for a head high. I want a body high so I don’t hurt so bad each day. Hmmm…I may have to try it. :+1:@Myfriendis410.


If you want sleepytime then yeah; CBN is the ticket.


Yea…that would work as well. Main two goals. Have a body high when I need to ease the pain and to get to sleep. I want to get off most of my medications as I am sick of taking them. :+1:

Thanks for the info. Once I can start growing my Tora Bora I will be one happy mofo. Its 99% Indica which I prefer Sativas but TB takes the pain way and take you off ri Never, Never Land for many hours.