I found quite a few seeds in my plant

I found about 50 or so seeds in my buds while I was trimming to put in jars. but the buds are still dense does that mean it a male?

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No. It means that your female plant was exposed to male pollen either through a male plant that was close enough to pollinate it or you had your female plant become a hermaphrodite and it pollinated itself . If it was a total of 50 seeds I’m betting you had some bananas at the end of your grow.


Bananas? Lol I don’t know what you mean hahaha

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They are male parts that pop out of a female plant due to stress or genetics. They look like bananas


Those bananas look like free seeds!

Yeah, except most of those free seeds will produce hermies.

I started 4 plants from bag seed last October and I’m about to throw away the last one, as she just started producing male parts too. The count on the other 3 were 2 males and 1 hermie.

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Yeah thats kinda crappy! But you can still smoke seeded bud, it was all we could get when I was a kid!
Do you breed your plants? Seed is ridiculously expensive, I only buy seed if its good for breeding.

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I’ve got young ladies from feminized seed that I’m going to put in the same tent in a few weeks. I don’t want them anywhere near male pollen.

I’m going to breed, but that is 2 to 3 grows away yet. I’ll keep clones in the meantime.


My first grow was a bag seed hermie. I finished the grow. The bud I did get was good . Ton of work getting all the seeds out . Now a have a mason jar full of “germination technique” seeds

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@Watt-Sun @Cannabian @Bobbydigital Hey guys i live here in southern Nv and just finished my outdoor grow in oct, i had 6 ladies in 35 gal fabric pots, first time in my back yard so no chance of anything hiding in the ground. went out the other day i found a couple seedlings pop up outside of 2 pots! the harvest was good havent noticed any seeds in my buds as of yet, is it possible a couple buds were hiding beans in them and possibly fell out during harvest & germinated themselves? this was my first grow ever is that normal? your thoughts would b appreciated Thanks!

That sounds like the only plausible explanation.

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She’s a Tranny planty

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That’s a genious idea! Thanks @Watt-Sun.

I had that happen last summer in my vegetable garden. I’m always growing a couple of plants in my garden amongst the vegetables and last may-june, I found 3 nice little seedlings in my garden. They came from my 2 plants in the garden the year before. I realized that my backdoor neighbor ( who is really not a nice person) have flood lights in his backyard that every now and then he would leave on all night. So my plants started to hermie… Not enough to piss me off but it took me a while to figure it out… :nerd_face:

High powered co2 rifle may help that issue

lol! I wish.
I talked to him but he sent the cops after me. supposedly I treatened him…
He never noticed the weed, I have 15 foot hedges separating us. No way to reason those people…

Ok Thanks i agree ! Only wish i knew how to duplicate that process, Heck they germinated better on accident than i did on purpose ! LOL

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Those new seedlings may do that for you.

Mother Nature has a way of being better at a lot of things

Yea i hear u not much u can do about neighbors, Especially ones that arent very friendly ! Im still waiting on couple items 4 my diy light build for my first indoor grow. Think ill try 2 salvage the little seedlings they are only in about 2in of soil/wood chips on top of visquine that surround my pots, Ill just put them in solo cups under t5 see what happens just 4 the hell of it, Hopefully if they survive they will b females! Wont b 100% sure of strain but one would have 2 assume it would b the same as the pot it was next 2 since pots are roughly 8ft apart! Peace

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