I found a small hps


Are these good? Or am I waisting my time.



Never handle an HID bulb like that, either wear disposable gloves or I use a paper towe. You need to wipe that bulb off well because they run hot and the oil from our hands causes hot spots which can cause the bulb to fail outright or fail early

You know you have to run them in a special ballast, right?

I used this 80w for side lighting way back when in my first grows, it worked well with a 250 hid above. I have no idea how much $, but it wasn’t too much at any big box store


cleaned my bulb over and over. Very well. THANK YOU, I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN about the oil on my skin would do that. Anyways now I know an willl handel with care. (paper towel) Thanks again. And I have a ballast for this light. I just use it for extra light. Like you have done.


LOL! I know, I freaked out recently on a metal halide bulb that my hand slipped on while I was screwing it in and I wiped it over and over and over! (then I started wondering if the paper towels maybe had something on them?) A lot of the high-end bulbs come with a pair of gloves… :slight_smile: good luck!


Thoughs blubs would be great for side or bottom light for flowering.
Or am I wrong ?

B Safe