I found a seed, what next?

It looks like I have a nanner somewhere, I found a seed on my biggest plant this morning. I have 6 plants and check every budsite at least once a day, usually several times. I found one seed and looked closely at everything. I found no sign of a hermie, and no more seeds. What should I do if anything? Thanks!


How far flowering is she???

It’s not uncommon for a female plant to produce a couple of seeds. I wouldn’t worry about it if there are only a few.


Here’s a picture from this morning this was midway up the plant, maybe 5 weeks into flower.

I went ahead and pulled the end bud from the branch I found the seed in, what do you think? I’ve only grown inside before this is the first seed I’ve encountered in one of my grows. I’m not scared to chop if it might threaten my others because she’s definitely not my favorite girl lol

I certainly wouldn’t cut an immature plant. The damage is done at this point so might as well grow it out.

You wouldn’t cut even to save the others? I looked at every bud site in all plants and found no more. Maybe it was a good thing though because I found a couple bugs I need to tend to now lol.

Let her grow. Long as she isn’t hung like a male horse, you will be fine. For the seeds to mature, they need a minimum 6 weeks ON the plant to mature. Just a FYI.

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Thanks very much peeps since they are getting heavier I’m starting to watch closer I could possibly end up with a really nice harvest. :sunglasses:

??? Ah go study pollination a bit as your not saving the others that were not pollinated by chopping one with a seed.

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Thanks I had considered that but since this was a very immature seed I was thinking it might be wise to stay ahead of it. I’ve looked everything over well and no more seeds and I never found any nanners. I’ll be watching thanks.

You’re growing outdoors, could of come from a plant somewhere else. I’d ride it out too…

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That’s true it is growing everywhere around here now heck half the old farmers have it growing in their backyard gardens now I hear a lot of the doctors are recommending it for arthritis and such.