I found a seed in my Blue cheese Fem


I grew some ILGM Blue Cheese this summer. I had some bud rot on a plant so I chopped her early and dried it as fast as I could so the mold wouldn’t spread. I decided to try out a bud last night just to see how the smoke was. As I was cutting it up a seed popped out of it. I was amazed!! How did I get a seed from a feminized plant? I only have 4 plants and they are all females. There are no male plants around to pollinate it. Is it a miracle? Will that be a good seed to plant?


One of your buds pollinated itself. It happens every once and awhile.bi had one from my SLH has harvest, put it in the soil, and it was a female plant as well.


Woohoo bonus beans
Definitely try germinating it :+1:


I had a Cali dream hermie because of heat and it pollinated a couple shoots on a chronic widow I had running. Ironically, the other two plants didn’t fertilize. Long story short, I have a couple “chronic dream” seeds that I’m thinking about germming. :v:t4:


Yep i was looking at my plant this morning and noticed some seeds starting on lower chutes. I kept looking found around 7 or 8 seeds growing.

see it sticking out there?


It happens…chances are it’s feminized. Just a bonus from the mj gods.


Very cool!! I didn’t know it was possible.


It’s not wet yet??? :slight_smile:


Ok last year I found 3 seeds in some dispensary weed I bought, Candy Jack. I planted them and they grew incredible weed that I had tested, it was like 18% THC. While smoking that for months I found another seed. So, now we’re on second generation. I planted that seed this year and it grew a very robust male. I was attracted to him and collected his pollen after he came to an intense canna-gasm. I sprinkled his manly seed on some autos I had, 4 different strains. All of those autos then produced seeds! A couple dozen. Although I need to point out I can’t be sure the Candy Jack is actually the father of those seeds vs. if they self pollinated. I kind of mucked up how you’re supposed to pollinate. So. I guess I’m not good at foreplay, or I may have been premature or whatever. Lol. Anyway next year I can see what becomes of these seeds! I also sprinkled it on some photoperiods I’m growing this year and am about to harvest so maybe there will be seeds in there. Gold Leaf and girl Scout cookies Extreme and orange bud.


No i’m in the middle of harvesting and I have to get all that squared away before I startup again. I have some Blueberry auto seed I want to get going when the time arrives. maybe next summer i’ll plant it.